Bachelor of the Week: Chief Big Tree!

Wow! You guys! This might be the occasion where my bachelor/ette has had the most awe inspiring name ever. Meet Chief Big Tree!

Chief Big Tree, Defender of Snuggles
Chief Big Tree, Purveyor of Snuggles

Chief Big Tree is really not that big, nor is he very tree-like. In fact, he’s a pretty regular cat, except he’s blind. He was found wandering around the Forest Glen Preserve in October by Tree House in Chicago. He’s a sweet little fellow (momFOD has met him personally) who just happens to be missing an eye, and also sight, and also his ear’s a little wacky because of an infection, but that’s all cleared up now, so you don’t need to worry about that!

The point is, Chief Big Tree loves to give and to receive snuggles. He is at one with nature, just don’t leave him out by himself because he’s really happy with his whole new cozy, indoor situation.

If you’d like to meet Chief Big Tree, contact Tree House Humane!



"The forest is a place of peace, but when you get hungry, go inside. It's safer there." - Chief Big Tree.
“The forest is a place of peace, but when you get hungry, go inside.” – Chief Big Tree.
This is my good side. I refuse to be photographed from the right.
“This is my good side. I refuse to be photographed from the right.” – Chief Big Tree


PS. Vote for the Inheritance ! Every vote counts! We need to regain our foothold! (I’m getting the sense of what it’s like to be a politician…)


  • rocky…votin everee day…..N it aint over till de “little dood” sings……N we due knot think him will 😉
    hay chief…de veree best of fishes two ewe buddy; heerz hopin ya just got lost outside N yur peepulz will come get cha…..otherwise de best oh fishes with manee good wishes ya findz that for evers home by months end !!!!! ewe rock dood !!!

  • What a handsome fellow……you don’t have to be able to SEE to be precious, adorable and VERY adoptable and we hope that happens for Chief Big Tree VERY soon……bless him……

    Hugs, Sammy

  • Chief Big Tree what a sweetheart you are and we are purring that you will find a loving, safe forever home where you are truly cherished. (We have been voting for you each day and last night when my Human was going to bed, she couldn’t get the song on your video out of her head! Again, what a fantastic video!)

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