BREAKING NEWS: CATastrophes Web Series Launched!

You guys!I’m so excited to announce to you that our new web series, CATastrophes, is launched! You can now view our very first video called “MagiCATastrophe,” the story of an amateur magician who can’t stop conjuring kittens! (You can watch it here.)


Look at that cat on the sequins….so magical.

This particular episode is dedicated to Chicago Cat Rescue, a great foster-based, all-volunteer rescue helping kitties in Chicago. Not only do we think they’re awesome, they also provided us with a few of the cactors for this episode, two of which are still available for adoption! If you’d like to meet one of them, contact Chicago Cat Rescue immediately! I can’t imagine these little guys will be available for long after word of their talents gets out.

Scooby and Rugby, two of our adoptable cactors

Scooby and Rugby, two of our adoptable cactors, on the set of “MagiCATastrophe”

Remember: Kitten season is coming. Please adopt!

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PS. Please remember to vote for The Inheritance in Catdance once per day until February 28th. Thank you!


20 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: CATastrophes Web Series Launched!

  1. OMC, my human and I just watched the MagiCATastrophe video – and it is BEYOND awesome! And it has such a great message! I can’t give it enough paws up!

  2. de best oh fishes two ewe scooby & rugby…we hopez ya finds yur forevers home by months end…N ya mite wanna ask if ewe can haz de hot dawgs for lunch…hhhhmmmmm…broil em with a few slices oh perch N ewe sorta kinda haza surf …N all most turf !!! WE LOVED DE VIDEE OH …. πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Whoa! I love both the magic catastrophe and the inheritance videos! Shared them on Facebook so my cat loving friends won’t miss them!

  4. I love the video! I will have to share it πŸ™‚ I didn’t know that you guys were such talented video makers! I am a professionally trained actress if you ever need some help πŸ™‚

  5. My son and had just finished watching it. So funny. I showed him your other that up for an award.Really enjoyed that one too. Crepes you are getting a lot of votes. Yay!
    Sue B

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