Cat Vows To Wear Chicken Hat* – Meet Leonardo Pescatore #ChickenHatProtest

You Guys,

Pinkle here. Today, I’m interviewing Mr. Leonard Pescatore. From what I understand, he has been in the shelter system for almost two years and therefore, he’s vowed to wear a chicken hat* until he finds a home. Let’s see what he has to say.

Mr. Pescatore during day 1 of his quiet protest

Pinkle: Welcome, Leonardo.

Leonardo: Thank you, Pinkle. It’s good to be here.

P: Tell me, Leo. What’s this protest you are staging today?

L: Well, it’s about finding a home. Tree House is great, but I’m searching for more permanent floors to sit on.

P: I prefer putting my ass on tables but I can understand your desire for your own floor. Continue.

L: I’ve been told I’m mildly less desirable to adopt.

P: Ah, it’s your face.

L: What’s wrong with my face?

P: Oh. No. It’s not your face. Sorry. Go on.

L: Well, I have what they call The FeLV, and I also have what they tell me is The FIV. My eye is a little runny, and I’m not big on too much touch, tho I am happy to sit beside you and get a good back scratch. And now, thanks to you, I also have some serious concerns about my face.

P: Your face is lovely. Very weathered. Like Clint Eastwood.

L: …

The face.

P: And where does the chicken hat come in?

L: I just needed a shtick.

P: And the asterisk? There’s an asterisk in your press release that says ” *for limited amounts of time and only at his own discretion.”

L: I can’t just wear the hat all the time. That would be ridiculous.

P: Isn’t that the point of a protest, tho?

L: What?

P: …nevermind. Anyway folks, Leonardo is searching. Find him in Colony 10 at Tree House Humane Society in Chicago. They’re doing great, cutting edge things for FeLV-positive cats, including some new guidelines on what kind of households can adopt them, so if you’re interested in meeting Leo, hurry over!

L: Yeah, hurry. I’m sick of wearing this chicken hat.

P: You’re not even wearing it.

L: Wasn’t once enough suffering?

P: You’ll be remembered by history.


PS Don’t forget Alana works at Tree House now, so she’s in the know! If you guys have any questions for her, comment below!

Alana Now Works at….Tree House!

You guys!

It has been a busy few months, but I wanted to let everyone know that, as of January, I am the Manager of Marketing and Community Outreach at Tree House Humane Society in Chicago. The job has definitely kept me busy, but I feel content knowing that my writing and other skills are directly being put to use to help kitties.

So far, it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve met lots of great people, learned more about Tree House than I had known in my 15+ years of working with them as a volunteer in various capacities, and the new facility on Western Avenue makes coming to work comfortable and happy. And you know who else is comfortable and happy? The cats. They have outdoor screened porches for the warm months (Warmth: Coming soon to a Chicago near you), sunlight and big windows, and beautiful, spacious colonies to snuggle into as they wait for their forever homes.

I’m hoping to find some time to blog more – I’m migrating my blog to a new server this week, so you may need to re-sign up if you want to continue getting my posts – but if you want to follow what I’m doing in the meantime, please follow us on Instagram at @treehousehumanesociety.  You can also follow me @alanagrelyak. It’s mostly pictures of Pinkle these days.

I also blog regularly here. Stop by and say hi!

A usual day at work



Bachelorette of the Week: Princess Phoebe Butters! ADOPTED

Update: ADOPTED!!! Within one day of posting. Was it me? Who knows, but hurray!


World, today I have for you a bachelorette whose name deserves to be screamed from the rafters of a Medieval dinner party in the spring. Please welcome:

Princess Phoebe Butters!!!!!!

All Hail Princess Phoebe Butters!

All Hail Princess Phoebe Butters!

Now, Tree House describes her as “the prettiest kitty in all the land.” I’ll amend that to “the prettiest kitty in all the land who is no longer adoptable from Tree House and has all four of her legs.”

Princess Butters bestowed her presence upon the House of Trees in December of 2015 when she demanded to be removed from her outdoor circumstances. It would seems that she had once been princess of another land but was overthrown from her kingdom due to some nonsensical reasons that no one could possibly fathom. Apparently, her previous captors tried to contain her power by having her claws removed. HISS! Although she no longer has her beautiful claws, she still loves human companionship and is most interested in one on one play sessions. She would do best in a kingdom all of her own, or possibly with another co-princess of a similar disposition. Although it’s not very royal to mention, Princess Phoebe Butters may have a touch of the IBD. This has yet to be confirmed.

If you need a Princess to rule your heart, seek no further! Princess Phoebe Butters awaits! All hail Princess Butters! Long live the Butters!

Awaiting her new court at The House of Tree.

Awaiting her new court at The House of Tree.