Bachelorette of the Week: Bubbles


Meet Bubbles.

::Cue the face::

The Face.

The Face.

Do you remember that one joke that goes “Wanna hear a dirty joke? Timmy took a bath. Wanna hear a clean joke? The bath had bubbles. ¬†Wanna hear a dirty joke? Bubbles was the girl next door.”

Well, this Bubbles probably wouldn’t want to have a bath with any human person because, guess what, she’s extremely shy. As such, we are showcasing¬†her here as the face of the Tabby’s Place socialization program (it doesn’t actually have one particular face but, if it did, we feel this one would be a good choice), where they insist that kitties learn to accept the loving touch of people. So far, Bubbles is responding and has made progress, but she’s still a little hesitant to jump into that tub with Timmy. She doesn’t mind bathing with her feline suite mates, though, and if your house happens to have other kitty companions in it, Bubbles would be delighted.

You see, Bubbles was initially bullied by cats in her colony, so she was taken in by the Tabby’s Place TNR program and given a loving place to float about with the sun shining on her glistening fur. Gosh, isn’t Tabby’s Place great? I love them. Anyway, Bubbles was never socialized to people during her early years, so she’s having a little trouble trusting. As such, Bubbles needs a home without small children and loud noises, and preferably with an open tub that currently contains no one. She might invite Timmy in later. Baby steps.

Bubbles is three years old, cross-eyed, and otherwise healthy. If you’d like to meet her, contact Tabby’s Place today! If you’d like to help support her tuition in the socialization program, you can learn more here!

tabby's place cat

“Oh, no! Is that Timmy? Tell him to get lost!” – Bubbles.

tabby's place cat adopt

“Don’t you come over here. I will float away from you!” – Bubbles

tabby's place cat adopt

“One day, I will love you. Maybe tomorrow, if you’re nice to me. I’m trying real hard.” – Bubbles



PS. POP. (I tried to work that in up there somewhere and couldn’t. So there.)


Bachelor of the Week: Ronald!

Please meet our very first Bachelor of 2016, the one, the only, Ronald!


Here are some things that Ronald would like you to know about him:
1) He prefers to be called Ronaldo
2) His mustache is on purpose
3) He plays the guitar after midnight
4) He loves to eat
Ronaldo loves to chat, usually in Castilian Spanish and occasionally in French. He also does English for the uni-lingual readers out there. He will often be heard shouting words of multi-lingual triumph as he runs off with whatever food he can find. And you know what he does with it? He takes it into the kitchen, makes it better with delicious herbs and spices, and then he eats it. While playing the guitar. His hobbies include climbing trees, furniture, and small mountains.
Everything about Ronaldo is a success, except for his kidneys, which are a slight failure, and require some extra attention. And, although his kidneys are dependent on extra care, Ronaldo himself is independent and full of life! He’s 9 years old, had a mildly concerning polyp in his ear, and loves attention, windows, and bird watching. His zest for life was renewed when Tree House pulled him out of the CACC and gave him another chance at life! He would be a wonderful fit to any home, as long as that home has subcutaneous fluids and space for his guitar.
This guy has it all! So come one, come all to meet Ronald and give him the forever home he deserves!
"Echa un vistazo de mi bigote." - Ronaldo.

“Echa un vistazo de mi bigote.” – Ronaldo.


Meowsterpiece Monday: Candles

Have you ever thought “Gosh, my cat smells great and I’d love it if my house smelled more like cat?” You have? Then, according to my personal research, you’re like most of the world.

Check out this video catering to everyone who wants their house to smell like cat. Watch all the way to the end to see the cute little adoptable candles from Kitty Bungalow Charm School for WaywardCats.