Meowsterpiece Monday: Catalogue Revisited

Hear ye hear ye!

In celebration of reaching 15,000 subscribers and winning the golden kitty award, we have decided to bring our first ever video back to our own channel. It is with great fanfare that we have remastered, recolored, re-audiodesigned (that wasn’t a word until right now) our very first film, the movie that inspired this blog and brought me to my levels of fame, the movie that put Rocky’s face in front of millions of people, the one, the only:


Catalogue Order Page

Rocky stars in his first successful film as “Felsjat Brown”

Watch it here:

Enjoy it anew or for the first time. It can be enjoyed in so many ways!

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Crepes, the Cat In The Fridge.


Bachelor of the Week: Bennifur!

Dear World,

Today I write you a story about ribbons, a tale about love, a saga about crowding. Today, I tell you the story of Bennifur.



This little dude is about 10 years old and came from a hoarding situation. He was found amidst piles of milk rings, sparkly balls, and loads and loads of rubber bands. Now in therapy for his

I have just been alerted that Bennifur was not, in fact, the hoarder but was removed from a hoarding situation along with his sister Crystal Castle. I wish someone would give me all the details in advance. Moving on… Although he came from a difficult situation, he loves to play with ribbons and is filled with energy. He’s also filled with FIV, but, as I’ve said before and will say again, no big deal.  Bennifur needs a loving home, a feline companion, and possibly a new name. Yikes. His sister was already adopted into a new home so dear Bennifur waits, hoping for just the right person/cat team with which to share his heart. Do you think it’s you and your kitty?

If you think that you are the right one for Bennifur, contact Tree House today! Tell them alumna Crepes sent you.

"Is that a ribbon? I love ribbons." - Bennifur.

“Is that a ribbon? I love ribbons.” – Bennifur.




PS from Tree House *Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) causes a weakening of the immune system in cats. It’s often compared to human HIV, but FIV is not transferable to humans or other species. It is also difficult to transfer to other sterilized cats, and we believe that mixed FIV and non-FIV households can work if managed properly. If kept indoors in a stress-free environment, with regular medical care and high-quality nutrition, most FIV+ cats live long and healthy lives. Tree House staff can help answer your questions to see if an FIV+ cat is the right choice for you. FIV+ cats adopted from Tree House are eligible for a lifetime veterinary-care plan that includes a free annual exam and discounted treatments.*

Tripawds Amputation for Dogs and Cats Hotline

You guys.

This is a bit of a heavy one for you today. I wanted to let you know about a resource that my friends at Tripawds have come up with to help pet parents who are struggling with the possibility of having to amputate one of their pet’s limbs.

It’s a sad fact that, sometimes, pets get cancer. Sometimes they are born with physical defects. Occasionally, they injure themselves beyond repair. In all cases, amputation is one way to relieve your pet’s discomfort. I also personally like to think I look like a badass because of my stump.  When faced with these decisions, pet parents feel stress, fear, worry, and often have very few resources or people to turn to for comfort. That’s where Tripawds steps in, no pun intended.


There it is in all it’s glory.


Already well known for their excellent website where pet parents can gather together for online support, Tripawds has now started a toll-free Tripawds Pals Helpline where those of you who are struggling with the decision to amputate can talk to someone who knows, cares, and understands. And maybe also has an accent. I love talking to people with British accents. Anyway, while these people are not veterinarians and cannot give you specific medical advice, they can talk you through your decision and give you a perspective you may not otherwise have had.


If you’d like to give them a call, dial 844-TRIPAWD  (844-874-7293).


844-TRIPAWD  (844-874-7293)

Tell them Crepes sent you.





A Bronze Win for Rescued and Crepes!

You guys!

Exciting news. The book for which I am the cover girl won a bronze medal in the Global Ebook Awards contest!  We have the third best cover for 2015, and it happens to be me! If you’re not familiar, let me refresh your memory:



There I am, in all my glory. The cover was designed by Debbie Glovatsky at and the book was the project of our amazing editor Janiss Garza of and the photo was taking by MomFOD of, well, this blog. And, if you didn’t know, 1/3 of all sales profits from the year go to the authors’ chosen rescues, and mine happens to be Tree House!  If you haven’t read the book, at least now you can say you’ve seen the award winning cover. If you’d like a copy, you can get one on Amazon or just give me a call. MomFOD has like a trunk load of them that she’d like to sell for $12 each plus $3 shipping.

Clearly, this is something to be proud of and I shall shout from the rafters, or at least wave my stump at people to let them know how excited I am. Also, I tattooed it on my tongue:

My new tongue tattoo. I can boast every time I yawn.

My new tongue tattoo. I can boast every time I yawn.


I’m pretty sure this means that every photo of me from now on is cover worthy. Check it out:


Everything I do is bronze.

Everything I do is bronze.

It hovers over me like a halo.

It hovers over me like a halo.


I’m like this idea. What do you think?



PS. If you think you or your cat could be the next cover girl, FitCat Publishing is taking submissions for round two of Rescued! You can submit here.