Tuesday Haikusday: Foster Kittens

You guys.

I don’t even know what else to say, so I’ll let my feelings come out in haiku. Eh hem…

She did it again.

Words cannot express to you

How kittens bug me.


They’re all grey this time.

Except the one that I call

Mustache. She’s part white.


Spinning, playing, smells.

These things all come from kittens.

Toy mice everywhere.


There you have it. You might as well also see them. Go ahead. Look:

This is Scotty Sorbet, aka Mustache. Note the mustache and plump body type.

This is Scotty Sorbet, aka Mustache. Note the mustache and plump body type. She’s a girl.

This is Louie He arrived extremely malnourished and is now on his way to plumping up like mustache.

This is Louie He arrived extremely malnourished and is now on his way to plumping up like Mustache.

This is Martha. He's months older than the other two and has a great head of hair.

This is Martha. She’s months older than the other two and has a great head of hair.

Have you ever fostered? It’s quite an amazing experience (or so MomFOD constantly tells people). In fact, MomFOD had a little meeting last night with some rescue workers and they were saying how that would be the BEST THING you could do during kitten season. All you need is a spare room – a bathroom, bedroom, basement space – anything will do, as long as it’s safe and warm. A few weeks of your care and time would mean the world to a few little faces like you see above.

Here are some articles I wrote earlier this year:

Fostering. Is it for you?

Kitten Season: A Serious Need for Fosters

Please do consider fostering if you haven’t – it’s a life-changing experience.





Bachelorette of the Week: Tanzy!

You guys!

Oh, hey guys. Thanks for, you know, saving me. - Tanzy.

Oh, hey guys. Thanks for, you know, saving me. – Tanzy.

I have a very touching story to tell you today!

World, meet Tanzy (Tanzanite for long), a tiny kitten who was found barely alive only hours after her birth, drowning in parasites, with puncture wounds near her little back. (You can read her complete story here.) With lots of love, patience, and a small tube, Tabby’s Place was able to keep her alive. In fact, she is now more than alive. She is thriving in their care!

Unfortunately, now that she’s up and about, it has become obvious that the puncture wounds have caused damage to her spine, making her a lifelong paraplegic. Tabby’s Place has hope, however! They will begin physical therapy and hopefully, one day, she’ll be fitted with her own pair of wheels. She has to get her driver’s license first, though, so she has a few weeks to go.

In any case, Tanzy is making her way towards the adoption floor slowly but surely. If Tanzy is someone you’d like to have join your home, you’d best keep an eye on her! In the meantime, if you’d like to sponsor this tiny survivor, you can do so here. You also have my permission to print out her photo and wear it around your neck like the precious gem that she is.

Go, Tanzy, go!



Tanzy most recently. Either she's looking like a Siamese, or she's dipped her nose in something. Either way, she's still great.

Tanzy most recently. She’s turning Siamese, I think she’s turning Siamese, I really think so. (Do do do do do do- do do)

Hurray for Tabby's Place!!!! - Tanzy.

Hurray for Tabby’s Place!!!! – Tanzy.




Psychic Reading with Psychic Source

You guys!

Today, I act as medium once again to bring you a psychic reading from Psychic Source. Hold on, let me put on my Psychic Headshot:

crepesmediumExcellent. Let’s begin.

Today’s question is from Layla of CatWisdom101.com.  She wanted to know about her cat Merlin, who is almost twenty years old. She asks:

“What do I need to know about my relationship with Merlin.”

I provided Nancy with the following photos.
merlin and gris gris sunbathing on porch Merlin
Here is her reply:

The first thing that came into my mind was, How much you want to please Merlin and make him feel comfortable in his home. I could tell from looking at him how much he is loved and well cared for. Perhaps Merlin had or has a few medical problems, but…..You have done the Best for him and he is comfortable today. You have helped him to recover from something which he may not have been able to recover from without you. You make him feel reborn. And, your relationship is special and also spiritual. I feel you were brought together for a reason. You have helped him in many ways, and he has helped you in many ways. Together you have picked up the pieces of both of your lives, and helped each other to move forward in a more positive way. You understand each other without having to speak. If you’re feeling down, he is there for you and visa versa. I call this a magnetic connection, which you do not experience many times in one’s life.

Merlin wants to be with you always….But as we know that is not always positive. One thing I do feel is that he will be reborn and come to you again in your life….just in another form. You will know its him when it happens to you down the road. He can feel that you need him, as much as he needs you. Use your positive energy to enjoy your special bond, and know that he does Love you very much.
You know too that there is something special about Merlin. Enjoy him and talk to him. He understands more than you may realize. 

I hope this has helped you and Many Blessings for all you do for Merlin and other animals too.

Nancy X8068


There you have it!  Another insightful reading from Nancy. Now, I did NOT give her Layla’s name prior to the reading, only the question and photograph. I know that Merlin is, indeed, very special to her, and Nancy’s reading had many points that were very applicable to Merlin’s life.


If you’d like to get a reading with Nancy or another Psychic Source psychic, you can do that here!  OR, you can submit your question to MOI and I will choose one for next month! Let me know what you want to know and I’ll pass one lucky reader’s question on to Nancy. Make sure I have your email address so I can contact you for a photograph.

Have a good week!





***Disclaimer: Any advice given in this column should not be used in lieu of advice from a licensed professional or veterinarian with regards to health or behavioral matters of your pets. Always check with your vet before embarking on any new treatments. For entertainment only.***

***FTC Disclosure: This is a paid post sponsored by Psychic Source. The information contained within this reading was provided by Psychic Source and is not the advice or opinion of CatInTheFridge.com. CatInTheFridge.com received a small fee for our time in preparing and publishing this post.***


Bachelor of the Week: Bojangles!

You guys!

This week we have a special bachelor. He’s a day late, but he has good reason. You see, he had a serious surgery just two days ago. Here’s a bit about him:

MomFOD was looking at the CACC must save page on Facebook (a heartbreaking endeavor) and there was a little kitty named Bojangles. His siblings were saved but he was left behind because of his physical deformities. However, when St. Sophia’s Forgotten Felines saw him, they stepped up and pulled him out out of there just in time! They offered him as the Bachelor of the Week and, since MomFOD had already heard about him, she knew it was fate to present him here to you!

Without further ado, please meet Bojangles!

Bojangles, walking along on his little knees.

Bojangles, walking along on his little knees.

Bojangles was one of several kittens dropped off at an animal control facility in Chicago. He was unable to walk properly because all four of his legs were bent the wrong way, forcing him to walk on his elbows and knees. While he was able to get around by himself, his growing weight would likely put too much pressure on his joints, causing them to wear out and making things painful for him in the future. St. Sophia’s worked hard to get him the surgery he needed with the right doctor to do the job. As it turns out, his bones are ok, it was his soft tissues and tendons that needed repair. Did his physical difficulties scare them? NO! Did they turn a blind eye when he needed more help than others could provide? NO!

He's so sporty.

He’s so sporty.

St. Sophia’s raised some money for his cause, but poor Bojangles then caught pneumonia and some of his surgery funds had to go to his medical bills for that.

Luckily, Bojangles has finally caught a break. He’s made it through surgery just fine and is not recuperating so that he may find his forever home!

He’s a happy little fellow who loves to snuggle, and we’re pretty sure that once he’s all healed up, he’ll enjoy long walks on the beach, too. And, like me, he has his own Facebook page!

Catching the dangly.

Catching the dangly.

Come over, meet Bojangles, and if you’re so inclined, you may donate to his cause to help pay for his much needed surgery here.




Post surgery. Ready to heal!

Post surgery. Ready to heal!

He doesn't even mind lying on a bed of dogs. What a guy.

He doesn’t even mind lying on a bed of dogs. What a guy.

photo 5