Bachelorette of the HalloWeek: Janey!



Spider Crepes! I’m not a fan of the taste of bugs, as you can see by the look of dissatisfaction.

You Guys,

I have saved the Bachelorette of the week for today, one of the greatest days of the year. I love Halloween! Is it the candy? No, I can’t have any. Is it the costumes? Haha. F&?# those. No cat likes costumes. Listen, what I love about Halloween is the scary movies!

Oh, how I love to listen to scary movies. I mean, I can’t watch them, they’re too scary, but instead, I hide under the couch and I listen to all the screams and ghosts and I pretend I can see them. Oh what fun!! It’s like a couch fort. No matter that I do that every day. When I do it on Halloween, it’s extra special! Also, DadFOD likes to hang small, winged rodents from the ceiling and I like to bat at them. Get it? Bat at them? Eh hem… moving on…

Today’s Bachelorette doesn’t have a super great special need, except for a home.

Janey, looking fabulous, as usual.

Janey looking fabulous, as usual.

Meet Janey. Janey was find by a kind lady when she was pregnant (Janey, not the kind lady) and she was given a safe place to give birth. She’s in the system now, though, and has been for over a year, and really doesn’t like it.

Janey is looking for someone with a very soft touch, a soft voice, and a really, really soft bed to take her in. She gets on well with dogs and other cats. She loves to cuddle, it just takes her some time to get to know you.

If you’re willing to take a chance on Janey, please contact Save A Pet IL today. A home would be the biggest treat Janey could get today.

Happy Halloween!



Daydreaming of her new home.

Daydreaming of her new home.

She sees you coming to take her home and she' s very, very excited.

She sees you coming to take her home and she’ s very, very excited.


Costumes – Entirely Pets, Entirely Embarrasing

As you guys know, we have a web series. You may have noticed that we use a lot of costumes. Many of them are made by MomFOD, but we got a chance to review a few Halloween costumes and, to my dismay, she said yes. YES. And so…. here are the costumes she chose, as seen on a crew of reluctant models.

First up, we have me, wearing the Animal Planet Tyrannosaurus Rex costume.

I am a reluctant dinosaur.

I am a reluctant dinosaur.

It was a little big for me but would fit a larger cat. The shiny bits are nice.

Next, we have Mrs. Peabody strutting her stuff in the cop outfit.


Sexy cop.

Sexy cop.

It came complete with its own handcuffs, hat, and tiny cell phone. The closures were nice and it was well made.

And, finally, we have Louie Sorbet modelling the golf outfit.

An old man already.

An old man already.

This one came with a suit and tie, a little tassled hat, and small plaid pants. The pants don’t work well on cats but I think Louie will grow into this one nicely. It goes on easily and seems reasonably comfortable.

Keep in mind, these are all dog costumes modified to fit us. Why did she do it? I cannot say, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it. You can pick up these costumes at



Creepes (my Halloween name.)

PS. Have you seen our latest Halloween episode? CHECK IT OUT!  And hey… if you like it, would you share it? We’d really appreciate that. I stepped in to fill Rocky’s shoes on this last zombie piece. I hope I did him proud.


**FCC Disclosure: Costumes were received from as compensation for this post. All opinions are our own.**

A Reading with Psychic Source!

You guys.

Once again, it is time for me, the Great Crepesini, to play the medium for another reading from Nancy of Psychic Source. Let me channel Nancy. I believe she’s on station 283. crepesmediumOk, I’ve got her.

This week’s question came from the Cherry City Kitties:

We would love it if someone could tell Mom about what is up with our brofur Tipp, We think he is soooooo needy, (not Kneady) and sometimes he sticks on Mom like velcro!

Tipp, the kitty in question.

Tipp, the kitty in question.

Here’s what Nancy had to say:

Tipp is so sweet, and lately, I get the feeling that other cats are picking on him……This is one reason for him being so needy lately. Some of this picking on Tipp could be happening when no one is looking. I feel he needs reassurance lately that he is loved. And, Mom is the one who gives him this reassurance.
He seems to have a fear of one cat in particular that is making him very uncomfortable. See if you can figure out which cat this could be. You may have to separate them for a while.
This could help with him sticking to Mom. He does feel close to her however, and he does seem to Love Love Love her. I can tell that his fear is real, and he just doesn’t trust some of his Brothers.
In some ways, this should make you feel good, as you are doing something right to make him Love you so. Just keep reassuring him, and soon some of his fears and anxieties will settle down.
I feel he makes you smile, and this is why he knows you Love him. Feel happy for the close relationship. He will always feel good around you!!
I hope this helps, and keep being the lovely Mom you are.

Sincerely, Nancy X8068

Tipp from another angle.

Tipp from another angle.

Do you have a question for Nancy? Let me know! Leave it in the comments or email it to me at  If you can’t wait, you can contact the Pet’s Division of Psychic Source today!


The Great Crepesini


***Disclaimer: Any advice given in this column should not be used in lieu of advice from a licensed professional or veterinarian with regards to health or behavioral matters of your pets. Always check with your vet before embarking on any new treatments. For entertainment only.***

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Bachelor of the Week: Cypher!

You guys!

Today, we have a man of mystery, a man who takes some serious figuring out, a man of darkness, a man of the shadows, a man with heartworm inflammation, a man who lives in Chicago but will go wherever you may roam…

Meet Cypher!

Cypher checking out a very interesting nook.

Cypher checking out a very interesting nook.

Cypher loves to investigate. He looks into nooks, crannies, cracks, crevices, and a hole slew of holes. Silent when he needs to be, Cypher also loves to chirp and talk, and he has a fondness for having discussions with birds, though what he says, we cannot know.

This tiny creeper (not in weirdo way but in a lurking way) isn’t digging the shelter environment. He’s a little overstimulated by all the things to look at and would really appreciate a nice, peaceful home. He loves to be petted and cuddled and enjoys people.

Also, seeing as he may need to fight crime at any moment (you never know what’s lurking in those crannies) he takes steroids to buff himself up and to control inflammation caused by heartworms.


If you want to meet Cypher and have him look into your crevices, call Tree House today!



Thoroughly checking out a rather large cranny.

Thoroughly checking out a rather large cranny.

PS. Check out this week’s new Louie episode! I don’t know why this guy gets his own show. I’m going to have to take this up with the management.