Bachelorette of the Week: Raja!

You Guys!

It’s time for another Bachelorette of the Week! But before I announce her, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge my recent absences from the blog. Acknowledged. And now….

…meet Raja!!!!
::insert wild applause here::

The amazing Raja!

The amazing Raja!

Raja is fifteen years old. She has lots of fabulous orange stripes, and she enjoys brushing, petting, and nebulizing. What’s that, you ask? Nebulizing means she uses a little spa-like mask to help with her chronic rhinitis. Sure, she might snore a bit, but what kitty doesn’t? (I don’t.) She also appreciates tiny foot massages whilst she enjoys her time in the spa.

Also, Raja enjoys fine dining – only the best, hypo-allergenic deliciousness for her. And if you stray from this? She’ll diarrhea all over you. Not intentionally, of course. It’s just her little body’s requirement, along with anti-inflammatory medications to treat her IBD. Also, her liver values are slightly elevated, along with her taste in fashion and decor. No red blankets, please. They clash with her fur.

And, in case you were wondering if Raja’s special needs stopped there, we’ll let you know that they don’t! Raja is also being treated for mammary cancer, but it was caught early and she’s doing fine. She may also be hyperthyroid, but wait till you see how she loves to snuggle and burrow into blankets!

If you feel like you have the right stuff for Raja – the ability to keep up with her diet, medications, royal spa treatments, and fashion-oriented, purple and/or green toned blankets and furniture, call Tabby’s Place today!  She’d love to meet you and have you brush her.

Or, if you think her tastes are just slightly too demanding for you, consider being her sponsor. She would be really pleased to know you care.

Snuggling into a nicely toned green blanket to bring out her eyes.

Snuggling into a nicely toned green blanket to bring out her eyes.

"Who put me on this bed? It clashes with my fur!" - Raja.

“Who put me on this bed? It clashes with my fur!” – Raja.

Raja showing off just the right color blanket to make her shine.

Raja showing off just the right color blanket to make her shine.



PS. Raja is also a recipient of the Linda fund, which I mentioned last week. Tabby’s Place is still collecting donations to replenish their fund for helping the most needy kitties with emergency medical care. Please take a moment to learn about it and even offer a a donation – all donations are being matched by generous companies so your dollars will go twice as far.



Bachelorette of the Week: Divya! (and Linda)


Let me expound today on the greatness of Divya!



I’ve learned that her name is Sanskrit for “Divine.” It seems that this dear soul was sent from the heavens as an example – You see, Divya’s person died and her bereaved simply tossed Divya out the door to fend for herself. As you may know, if a cat has been eating tasty morsels for her entire lift, trying to catch food on the run is an unlikely option. Therefore, Divya developed severe fatty liver disease because her liver began to shut down after too long of a time of starvation.

Luckily, someone saw the lovely Divya and brought her to Tabby’s Place, a haven for kitties like her. Thanks to Tabby’s Place and Linda (I’ll get to that in a moment), Divya was nursed back to health. She’s currently still on medication for the short term but hopes to be finished with it soon, and she reminds us that kitties need care for their entire lives, not just for part of them.

Divya is looking for a new home, one that won’t cast her back to the streets when times are hard. She “tolerates” other cats (like me) and children (also like me) and can live in a home with either. She’s about six years old and occasionally ventures out into the night wearing her batman mask to help other kitties who need food and homes (that’s not a documented fact, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.)

If you can give Divya a home for life, please contact Tabby’s Place in New Jersey. They’d love to meet you, and so would Divya.



"Does that door lead to outside? I'm SO not going back out there." - Divya.

“Does that door lead to outside? I’m SO not going back out there.” – Divya.

"Are YOU going to donate to the Linda Fund?" - Divya.

“Are YOU going to donate to the Linda Fund?” – Divya.

PS. I almost forgot about Linda! Linda is apparently a very wealthy kitty who – No, it seems I was wrong for once. Let me try again.

The Linda Fund

Linda is  a kitty who came in to Tabby’s Place with really bad injuries. Thanks to Tabby’s Place’s care and their philosophy to never turn away even the neediest of kitties, Linda’s injuries were treated and now she has a loving forever home. In Linda’s name, the fund was created to continue caring for the very neediest kitties who need emergency care. Divya is a 2014 Linda’s Fund recipient, and thanks to that fund, she’s ready to find her home, too.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 8.48.21 AM

Tabby’s Place is currently on a 31 day mission to replenish Linda’s Fund! And for every dollar you donate, some wonderful corporate sponsors are matching it. If you’d like to help kitties like Divya, contribute to the Linda Fund now and see your gift doubled. Think you have $15? It’ll really be $30! How cool is that?

For the cost of one gigantic specialty coffee for two people, you can give enough money to bandage a kitty’s hurties for days. I don’t like to brag, but I keep a little Crepes fund and used a bit of that to give to Linda. She seems trustworthy.

There are 24 more days in this year’s Linda Fund drive. Donate now and please share the word so more injured kitties can have a second chance!


Meowsterpiece Theater: The Right to Bear Paws (Cat Teddy Feet)

Welcome, most lovely readers/viewers. Today, the CATastrophes team brings you a piece that has been a long time in the making. A piece that includes the right to bear paws, bear-foot cats, and any other little pun you can think of.

Special thanks to Daily Planet on this one for their help with the little faces and to Tree House Humane Society for supplying the paws.

Without further ado, may I present:

The Teddies


Who is your favorite teddy? I’m rather partial to Teddy 1, myself.



Bachelor of the Week: Paddy Cake

Ladies and gentleman! May I present the baker’s man of folkloric fame, the one, the only:


::insert wild applause here…no seriously. Do it. Hands clapping together is totally his thing.::

He dressed up just for you.

He dressed up just for you.

This little fellow was, once upon a time, living with a family. Unfortunately, that family lost their home and they did the best thing they knew how to do: send their tiny baking star to Save A Pet IL, where they knew he would be cared for without fail, and where they would provide him with all the things he needs to follow his passion: making biscuits.

Paddy Cake, though a bit shy about his talents, will definitely come out to see you if he knows that you’re interested in his biscuits. He also bakes cakes and will do so as fast as he can if he thinks you’re hungry. He’s excellent for birthdays, as well, and will write whatever letter you want on top of your cake. Also, he has FIV, but rest assured, he always wears rubber gloves when handling your cakes.

Paddy Cake works well with other bakers (cats) and  is ready when you are! Come meet him at Save A Pet IL and bring him into your home!

Studying the new KitchenAid line.

Intently studying the new KitchenAid line.

"I am NOT drawing that on your cake. I only do letters." - Paddy Cake.

“I am NOT drawing that on your cake. I only do letters.” – Paddy Cake.

After a long shift on the baking team.

After a long shift on the baking team.



::Photos provided by Save A Pet IL.::