Bachelor of the Week:Boots!

World, Meet Boots.

I Am Boots.

I Am Boots.

You know how sometimes you find just the right pair (or pair and a half, in my case) of boots, and you wear them in all comfy and soft? And then you’re worried that you’ll only have a season or two to wear them, but somehow, with the right care and love, they manage to hang on for years beyond what you thought? And they become your trusted pair of go-to shoes that just seems to work with everything you want to wear?

Well, same with this Boots. He came into Tabby’s Place looking at heart failure at age three. They didn’t think he had long. He was promoted to the lobby so they could keep a close eye on him and administer anything he needed. And that, my friends, was five years ago.

Boots is now on hardly any medication and shows no signs of slowing down. Boots is amazing. He also sports a cute little bald spot on his chest where he has regular ultra sounds. Ladies, I know some of you like the shaved chest look. Can I get a show of hands?

Anyway, Boots loves to cuddle and snuggle, he’s very attentive to people, and he’s cool with other cats.

If you’d like to meet Boots or make a small donation to help with his care, contact Tabby’s Place! Boots is there, waiting, spit shining his soft soft fur in preparation for meeting his one true love. Hurry, before someone else snags this amazing, one of a kind, perfectly fashionable Boots!

Imagine this face on your pillow. It could happen.

Imagine this face on your pillow. It could happen.

Boots showing off his socks.

Boots showing off his socks.




Nature’s Variety Instinct® Raw: My #InstinctRaw Experience, Your Coupon

This post is sponsored by Instinct® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Instinct Raw but only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Instinct is not responsible for the content of this article.

Me and the product. I feel like I could really nail being their new model.

Me and the product. I feel like I could really nail being their new model.

Dear Readers,

Many of you may know by now that my FODs keep me on a raw food diet. Sometimes I grumble, sometimes I find a food that pleases my delicate palate. In either case, the FODs are pretty set on raw food for a variety of reasons. For instance, did you know that when I was adopted I was super sick with upper respiratory infections and herpes outbreaks? The doctors said I’d never breathe normally again. MomFOD put me on a raw diet and within two weeks, I was looking good! I mean, I always looked good. Great, really, but the raw definitely put me over the edge and those stump modeling contracts really began pouring in But, I digress.

This is from my "Sexy Raw" photo shoot.

This is from my “Sexy Raw modeling photo shoot.

Ponder this: can cats in the wild cook their dinner? Have you ever seen a wild animal constructing a fire of twigs and tinder bundles so they can delicately sear their recently snared vole? You haven’t? That’s because they don’t. Raw diets are what nature had in mind for cats and we felines have all the right digestive enzymes for being able to eat raw. We are also obligate carnivores meaning we MUST eat meat. Therefore, when one of our favorite food brands approached us and asked us to share our experience with our readers, we were all for it! So, without further ado, please have a look at:


Nature’s Variety Instinct® Raw Bites

::Cue exciting music::

Nevermind. Nature’s Variety didn’t send us any music. They did send us this fabulous picture though:

The bites in action. Or inaction. Whatever. This is what they look like.

The bites in action. Or inaction. Whatever. This is what they look like.

So, let’s look at this scientifically, shall we?

Let's do this.

Let’s do this.

What is it:

Instinct Raw is made of 95% meat, organs, and bones, 5% fruits and vegetables, and 0% grain. It’s made in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

The Hypothesis:

I volunteered to try Instinct Raw Bites because I’ve already tried it and know it’s delicious. We believe that raw is the way to go for most cats and we hypothesize that we will eat and enjoy this food.

Oh, what's this? Could this be for me?

Oh, what’s this? Could this be for me?

The Test:

Four out of five cats were used as testers on the rabbit and chicken flavors. The dog also eats this food but she’s away on holiday at the GrandFODs’ place. Since we already eat raw, we did not have to transition slowly and ate is all by itself.  The bites are cool because they are really quick to thaw and, since MomFOD often forgets to plan ahead, it only takes a few minutes before we can chow down.

I didn't trust this cat. I think he was there to take my food.

I had to whip my head around because I didn’t trust this cat. I think he was there to take my food.

The Conclusion:

It was delicious. Four out of four testers ate the food.

Four out of four testers enjoyed the Raw Bites.

Four out of four testers enjoyed the instinct Raw Bites.

 The Benefits of A Raw Food Diet:

Some of the most-oft cited benefits of feeding raw (and those we’ve noticed here) are:

  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Optimal Digestion
  • Healthy teeth and gums
  • Relief from food sensitivities
  • Ideal Body Weight

I’d also like to add:

  • Poop smells better
  • Anal gland expression issues in dog have resolved (thank goodness)


  1. If your cat has never tried raw before, start slowly with small amounts to make the transition. Many raw companies advocate mixing your cat’s current diet with some raw. This can work for some, though in our house, some of the more sensitive stomachs are unable to handle raw and cooked at the same time. You know your cat’s stomach. Choose wisely.
  2. In addition, we often get tired of the same protein source, so it’s helpful to rotate to make sure we’re getting as much nutrition as possible and don’t snub the food.
  3. Raw doesn’t have a strong smell, so if your pet doesn’t like it right away, keep trying! Sprinkle hated the idea of raw the first few times and her tummy got a bit grumbly. We stopped trying to give it to her and a week later, she was stealing Louie’s (and my) raw food all on her own.
Raw matches Sprinkle's digestive tract and her eyes.

Raw pairs well with Sprinkle’s digestive tract and her eyes.

Where to find it:

While we only used to be able to find our raw food in Chicago health food stores, we are now able to find it at PetSmart! Please be aware, though, that it’s not in ALL PetSmart stores yet and was only in 50% of the two we visited. In addition, the cat variety was hidden in the dog section way up on the top. You may have to ask. Here’s what the display looks like:

instinct petsmart

I circled the cat section for you way up there past the dogs.


Try It:

Now then! If our experience has made you curious, Instinct is kindly offering a $3 off coupon on their website, which you can use towards a trial size or a larger bag. Larger bags tend to be more cost effective, and we hope that they come up with a “We have five cats” size bag soon.

Safety concerns:

Those are addressed here! We make sure to keep our bowls and hands clean, and haven’t had any problems! For more info, visit:

You can also discuss on their Facebook page.

That’s it! We are really pleased to have participated in this campaign because we feel diet is THE MOST IMPORTANT HEALTH ASPECT of pet care. We always advocate using species-appropriate, healthy foods to keep your pets healthy and we are huge advocates of the raw diet and have been for years.

What do you think of raw? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Let’s discuss!



Bachelor of the Week: Mitch!

World, meet Mitch: conqueror of laps, cuddler of man, zoomer of rooms.

Mitch, the unstoppable.

Mitch, the unstoppable.

This handsome feline is twelve years old but acts like he’s roughly three and a half. Maybe four, tops. In fact, legend has it he used to be part of a Motown band in his earlier years, but his days of running around are over and he wants you to know that if you Reach Out, He’ll Be There. He was previously abandoned by two families, but he harbors no hate towards people and just Can’t Help Himself when it comes to Standing In The Shadows of Love and snuggling you. He knows that with YOU, it won’t be the Same Old Song and there isn’t a River Deep or Mountain High enough to keep him out of your lap once he’s in your home, forever.  Just Reach Out and He’ll Be there because Baby, He Needs Your Lovin’.

And if you’ve enjoyed my Four Tops references, you’ll also enjoy the fact that Mitch has a wee bit of hyperthyroidism and is taking an anti-histamine for skin and coat allergies, but despite this, his hair is fabulous!

Also, he’s been at Tree House since 2008, waiting. And that’s not a lie. Mitch needs a happy home, so please help him find the place that will be his forever, with laps aplenty, and no other cats to get in the way of him and his person, perhaps you. He’s ready to leave his Rooms of Gloom and find a home of his own! (Just kidding: Tree House is bright and happy. I just needed another Four Tops reference to lighten up this paragraph.)

If you want to meet Mitch, contact Tree House today. You totally will not regret it.

Here he is, about to zoom a room and claim a lap!

Here he is, about to zoom a room and claim a lap!

Dreaming of the day he becomes the Keeper of Your Castle.

Dreaming of the day he becomes the Keeper of Your Castle.

Fab photos provided by Tree House.



PS. Don’t forget about CatVidFest in Chicago tomorrow!!! Buy your tickets here and come out and meet MomFOD!