Exile: Day 21

I’m still here. Now I’ve found this:


Me with the strange “Radio Shack” device. Why not Radio House? Or Radio Mansion? Underachievers, I’m guessing.

It seems to be some sort of strange device with which I might contact aliens or perform drain cleaning. It also has a knob on the front, and yet I can’t seem to change the station. It’s just stuck on this picture of MomFOD from like 2001. Perhaps it’s a broken digital picture frame? Or a portal into the past? I’m willing to believe anything, at this point. This place remains impervious to logical thought.

I have only one haiku for you today:

Home Home Home Home Home.

Home Home Home Home Home Home Home.

Home Home Home Home. Please.

.I sure hope I don’t get home and find out that they’ve replaced us with newer model kittens. Hah. Doubtful. Right?



PS. Check out MomFOD discussing living with me, a TRIPAWD, on this neat podcast from Tripawds! They’re a really cool community for people living with three-legged animals, like moi. You can visit them here. I give them a big STUMPS UP! Enjoy!

Kitten Season: A Serious Need For Fosters

Alana here today. I’m a little late with our post today, but we have good reason. You see, last night, I saw online that there was an emergency need for bottle baby fosters. There were thirteen kittens in Chicago that were going to be euthanized that day.  And, while we’re still living in a hotel and our house is a mess from repair work, I still couldn’t think of a good enough reason for me not to step up and help.

You two! Come with me.

You two! Come with me.

Would I miss out on sleep? Yes. Would I have to section off a portion of my house/room for them? Yes. Would I have to wash my hands 900 times a day for sanitation reasons? Yes. Were any of those good enough reasons to ignore their need?


I could not justify not doing something, not after just this week I’ve had a plea from Tabby’s Place to advertise their bazillion kittens, a plea from Feral Fixers to help find fosters for babies, and a plea from Tree House to help save bottle feeders that only had a few hours to live.

The thing about kitten season is that it’s not just about the fun and joy of cuddling kittens. It’s about the very real fact that thousands of kittens, many of them only days or weeks old, are being euthanized because there isn’t anywhere to put them. CACC (Chicago Animal Care and Control) in Chicago often euthanizes kittens under six weeks old the same day they arrive because of a lack of resources to care for them.

Kittens that come in without a mother are in real trouble. Either they need a surrogate mom to nurse them, which means someone already has to have a nursing mom somewhere, or they need a human being willing to mix their formula and feed it to them with a bottle every two hours. They need someone that’s willing to help them poop, change their towels, keep them warm, and bathe them.

Foster dad preparing the bath. I have a lovely husband.

Foster dad preparing the bath. I have a lovely husband.

Nursing bottle baby kittens is a serious job, and not everyone is willing to do it.

Keeping all that in mind, I still decided, after talking to my husband, that we couldn’t leave that on our conscience. We knew they were there, we had the ability to help, and so we did.

Thank you for saving me!!!

Hurray! I’m safe!

As part of the Tree House Kitten On Deck program (a program where at-risk, unweaned kittens who arrive at CACC without their mothers will be transferred by Tree House out of CACC),  we went to CACC with the intention of pulling two litters of bottle babies. When we arrived, we found out that eight had already been taken to safety thanks to Tree House, and another kind lady (also through Kitten on Deck) was there waiting to take the two very youngest, who were only a few days old. Sadly, as we walked in, we found out that one of those two had already passed away, and when they went to get the second, he too, had died. Without a mom, they just couldn’t make it.

Since this other lady was about to leave without kittens, I asked her if she’d take one of our litters, and she agreed. She took three tiny bottle babies home, and we took two, slightly older ones. In fact, I feel like we lucked out, because they were older than we expected. Instead of having to get up every two hours to feed them, I was able to feed them every five. I only had to wake up three times during the night instead of five or six, mostly to make sure their heating pad was still on.

After his first bath. That's me, looking a little sleepy.

After his first bath. That’s me, looking a little sleepy.

And now we have two kittens in our bathtub, completely oblivious to how close they came and how lucky they are. They are two of thousands who just happened to be in the right place and are now fortunate enough to call themselves Tree House cats for life.

I'm a Tree House kitten!

I’m a Tree House kitten!

If you have a space in your home, even a small one, please consider helping, especially during this season. Contact your local rescue and ask how you can be involved in fostering. They’ll more than likely be very happy to train you and provide you with supplies, and you will be making a big difference to all the tiny ones you save.

Thanks for reading.


Alana (and Crepes, who exists today because of Tree House’s foster program.)

PS. I’m calling them Hash Brown and Tater Tot, or Hash and Tot, for short. That’s subject to change.

Click here to donate to Kitten on Deck. 

Bachelor of the Week: Ivan!

World, meet Ivan.

He's terrific, obviously. (graphic c/o Layla Morgan Wilde at Catwisdom101.com)

He’s terrific, obviously. (graphic c/o Layla Morgan Wilde at Catwisdom101.com)

Ivan has a sad story. You see, he was adopted when he was a tiny kitten and lived more than 8 years in a lovely home – until his owner decided to move and leave him behind. How? And why? We don’t know. What we do know is that, while he doesn’t have any specific physical issues, he’s very depressed to be in his situation and needs to find a home soon. Very soon.

Ivan is the creamsicle of cats. He’s orange and white and he’ll melt if you leave him alone for too long. He’ll also melt if you love and cuddle him and make him purr. My point is, like a creamsicle, he’ll melt no matter what you do and also, he looks scrumptious and will satisfy your craving for something sweet.  He loves stuffing himself into small wicker baskets, cuddling, and reading in the litter box. He’s also very well behaved.

He lives at the New Rochelle Humane Society in New York, but he could live with you, instead. Just ask him. I’ll bet he’ll say yes.

Ivan doing some litter box reading. Perhaps he's reading about the CATastrophe Web Series.

Ivan doing some litter box reading. Perhaps he’s reading about the CATastrophe Web Series.



PS.  I’ve recovered another reconnaissance photo of Rocky. It would appear he’s being held hostage in a place that’s, I don’t know, on the edge of the world. There’s nothing behind him. One false move and he’ll fall right off that couch. I need to find him quick! What is this world?!

Don't go into the light, Rocky.

Don’t go into the light, Rocky.


Kitty Bungalow’s CATbaret! (and More Rocky Sleuthing)

You guys!

It’s that time of year again! My friends at Kitty Bungalow’s Charm School for Wayward Cats is doing their annual CATbaret, a star-studded event for the kittens, and we want you to know about it and possibly even win some tickets!


You can expect Lil BUB and Mike as special guests. You’ll also get a chance to see the very special performance of Nora the cat and her jazz band, as composed by MomFOD! There might even be a little film snippet of the FODs’ in there somewhere.

When is this?

August 9, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA at the Belasco Theatre!

Here’s the official statement:

Whether you’re a cat lover or a theater lover, come out for an unforgettable night of sensational singers and dazzling dancers hosted by funnyman Fred Willard! The one night only spectacular features the hidden talents of your favorite celebrities from Castle, CSI, Lord of the Rings, So You Think You Can Dance and many more! Don’t miss out on meeting the celebrities and walking the red carpet as VIP guests for the night. Enter below to WIN!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We hope you’ll get over there and join the celebration!  To learn more about Kitty Bungalow and the awesome work they do for feral kittens, visit http://kittybungalow.org 


Now, I’ve done a little more sleuthing about Rocky, as promised, and look what I’ve found using my super secret phone bug:


There he is again! And this time, he’s not on the bed. Instead, he’s being forced to learn how to properly tuck the corners of a bed spread. Is this some kind of learning camp? If only the phone had GPS that I could tap into to somehow find out his location so we could get him out of there!




**Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. We are posting for charity. Readers have a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Los Angeles CATbaret event from a pool of the readers of other blogs, as well.**