Bachelor of the Week: Midnight Saturn!

You guys!

Perhaps you’ve noticed thatI haven’t been around much recently. I’m not saying why, I’m just saying that I’ve noticed, too. But I’m here now to continue a trend in inter-galactic cats. Today, I bring you Midnight Saturn!

Midnight Saturn3

There is more here than meets the eye.

Now, looking carefully at that photo, you may think that he is, in fact, made entirely of dark matter. This is not the case, for, if you look closely you can see some stardust in his ears and some wonderful green star birthing grounds right there in the middle.

Midnight Saturn left his galaxy when his guardian passed away into another existence. While there, he’d been co-mingling with twenty-two other galaxies (cats) and didn’t get a lot of personal attention. He prefers his petting and loving to happen when you’re on the same level such as when you’re both on the floor, or both at eye-level, or both somewhere in the third ring of Saturn.

He does well with other cats. In fact, he has one that he crashed into recently and they seem to have melded into an irregular galaxy pattern.

Roma and Midnight Saturn - the new thing in galaxies

Roma and Midnight Saturn – the new thing in galaxies

There aren’t any particular special health needs about this boy except that he’s black, which makes him harder to adopt, and that he also was already adopted and returned because he didn’t like to get inside his carrier for trips to the vet. I won’t even touch that one, but I’m sure a few readers may have some comments about that reason for surrender.

If you’d like to meet Midnight Saturn and bring him into your world, contact Save A Pet IL today. Hurry!  Before he drifts away to distant reaches of the universe! (Also, Roma could use a solid home, too.)

The two galaxies meld further into one.

The two galaxies meld further into one.

All dressed up .... and waiting for YOU.

All dressed up …. and waiting for YOU.



Bachelorette of the Week: Zencada!

You guys!

Today, may I present you Zencada, a tortie with a fabulous name, spicy attitude, and a touch o the diabetes.

Zencada, a tortie that's out of this world.

Zencada, a tortie that’s out of this world.

Now, I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure with a name like Zencada, this tortie is out of this world. Literally. I think she came from Mars or just a few light years beyond. Her exact birth (landing) date was November 12th, 2008. Presently, she requires a special space diet (prescription food) and takes interstellar juice shots twice a day (insulin) to make up for a certain essence of comet that Earth is lacking.

From what I hear, Zencada is especially friendly and loves to chat and rub her fur on you. I believe that’s how they say “hello” in space. If you’re worried that you won’t understand her language, fear not, for even if the words don’t make sense, the language of love is intergalactically known and you need only to look into her starry eyes to understand her.

If you’d like to meet this lovely girl, contact Tabby’s Place immediately. If you can’t meet her, but you’d like to pay for some of her space food and interstellar juice, click here to help sponsor her care while she waits for just the right person.

Pondering the relationship between light speed and the distance from the food bowl.

Pondering the relationship between light speed and the distance from the food bowl.

This is how they say "I adore you" in space-ese.

This is how they say “I adore you” in space-ese. It’s all in the eyes.



The Dog (and Cat) Flu in Chicago

You guys,

The Flu is uncool.

The Flu is not to be trusted.

Serious business here in Chicago. Some of you may have heard that we’ve had a major outbreak of flu in dogs . As it turns out, it can also be caught by cats. Here’s a quick time line of events as they happened in our life:

  • MomFOD took Niles to the doctor and overheard them discussing a dog who was “more congested than we’ve ever seen before and had to be hospitalized”
  • The first reports of the flu appeared on the news
  • Dog parks and boarding centers began to shut down. Dog owners were advised strongly to keep their dogs away from others.
  • Chicago TV news indicated that the strain of flu has never been seen outside of China and Korea and that dogs here in the US have almost no immunity to it and the current vaccines aren’t preventing it
  • The flu is found to last up to 48 hours on clothing and hard surfaces and is highly contagious
  • It is discovered that cats can also catch the flu
  • 1100 cases have been reported in Chicago with six deaths thus far

So how are we handling it here? As many of you know, we live in a high rise building in a very crowded area of the city. Doodle is the high risk since she has to leave the building at least three times a day and is unable to do so without running into at least three or more dogs along the way. Therefore, the FODs made the decision to leave her sequestered at the GrandFOD’s house with their dogs. None of them are being allowed to go out for walks, to parks, or to interact with any other dogs. They are being exercised in a private yard.

Both cats and dogs are susceptible.

Both cats and dogs are susceptible.

Some boarding centers have reopened and some parks still remain available to dogs, but people are being urged to avoid contact. Humans should wash their hands after petting any dogs because, although it’s not contagious to people, it can be spread to other animals.

What are the symptoms?

Look for signs of coughing, lethargy, runny nose, and fever.

"No flu for Doo!"

“No flu for Doo!”


If your dog presents these symptoms, call your doctor right away. You may need to wait for an appointment since the vets here are overrun with cases. Some vets are asking symptomatic dogs to stay in their cars until they’re seen and to wear masks within the offices.

And still, despite all this, we’ve seen several reports of people on the news saying they’re “unconcerned” and “meh… he’s healthy.” We here are refusing to take any chances with a senior cat, several animals over 10, and kittens with undeveloped immune systems. Doodle stays where it’s safe until this has passed.

What would you do?




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Meowsterpiece Monday: Fast and Furrious – Tokyo Dump

You guys!

You know those movies where the cars speed around the streets and do crazy tricks? And now they have like seven sequels? And in each one, the cars do more and more and in the latest, cars are falling from airplanes and I think have possibly earned the right to vote?

Anywhere, here’s the one I personally have been waiting for. Enjoy.

Love, Crepes.

PS. MomFOD would like me to give a shout out to super cool foster mom Connie Kittyblog for putting the dump truck in our heads. Thanks, Connie! Give your fosters a snuggle for us!