Bachelorette of the Week: Sinder!

You guys!

Today, I want you to meet someone, but before I introduce her, I want you to play this (it’s 3 seconds long):

Excellent. Now that you have the Killer Instinct (one of my favorite 1990′s video games) character shout out in your head, please use that every time I use this kitty’s name.

Meet Sinder! (cue video game voice)

Sinder. She's more like a gently warming heating pad, but that's not a good name.

Sinder. She’s more like a Gently Warming Heating Pad, but that’s not a good name.

Now, I’ve heard that if there’s one word to describe SINDER (you know what to do), it’s mellow. She’s apparently quiet and polite, nothing like her video game alter ego. In fact, she’s entirely unable to launch fireballs from her fist or set you on fire, both excellent qualities in a cat. Her previous owner lost his home (due to no fault of Sinder) and she was surrendered to Cat Guardians in Lombard, IL along with her housemate Cleo (there was no Cleo in Killer Instinct, sorry.)

Sinder is very peaceful and gentle. She loves to sit on your lap and keep it gently warmed, not lava hot as her name might imply, and she loves to cuddle in bed. Sinder’s special issue is that she’s 11 years old and has some thyroid problems, but you can work with the rescue to learn how to manage them.

If you’d like to meet Sinder (cue the voice,) contact Cat Guardians immediately!

Hurry! Sinder needs a lap!

Look. She's glowing with love. And heat.

Look. She’s glowing with love. And heat.




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Wordless Wednesday: Close Up

You guys!

Guess what this is!








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Tuesday Haikusday: I Sleep

You Guys!

Today, I wanted to throw it back to something simple. Something peaceful. Something of which I really need more. Today, I wax poetic about sleep. Eh hem…

crepes sticks out her tongue small

In the dead of day

I languish in the puddle

Of sunlight and warmth.


You see me sleeping

And leave your lunch unguarded.

What is this? Tofu?


Should I do one thing

In my life with abandon

It will be to sleep.

Do you have a haiku you want to share with me about sleep? Put it below! I love haiku in the comments.


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Chicago CatVidFest Wrap Up

You guys!

The Chicago Internet Cat Video Festival was on Saturday and it went quite well!

MomFOD and Kris hosted the shows (although Kris had to leave early so MomFOD did the last two alone) and hundreds of people attended! Lots of money was raised for Tree House and Chicago Cat Rescue, both organizations we support, and Lil BUB even made an appearance! I just wanted to share a few photos with you. Check it:

MomFOD and Kris hosting the show

MomFOD and Kris hosting the show

MomFOD got to "BUBby sit" for a few minutes

MomFOD got to “BUBby sit” for a few minutes

Which BUB is the real BUB?

Which BUB is the real BUB?

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event!



PS. Here’s this week’s video. It’s a little different. I play my most serious, dramatic role yet.