Bachelorette of the Week: Jaeger

World, meet Jaeger.



I have just read the most wonderful description of this sweet cat and, quite frankly, I’m not entirely sure I can outdo it, nor would I want to (yes, I would, but I’m trying to be gracious). Instead, I will link you to the lovely piece written by the shining heart of Angela from Tabby’s Place and draw from it to describe to you this lovely creature of mystery.

Imagine a kitty who can’t see you, but who can SEE you, straight through to your soul. Jaeger is the kitty who can do just that. While her eyes don’t function as we’d expect, it seems that she has the wisdom of ages behind her (or at least of twelve years anyway, which is still pretty sage for a cat). This lady won’t mind if you call her the Jaegermeister or Mick Jaeger as she sits near you and touches you ever so gently with her paw. Instead, she’ll throw rays of love your way so that you’ll feel with your heart rather than seeing with your eyes. (No, seriously, this is totally a thing.)

She won’t see a red door and want it painted black; in fact, she won’t see a red door at all, but if she could, she’d want it painted a bright rainbow of colors to match her loving nature.

If you’d like to meet Jaeger, contact Tabby’s Place immediately. I have a feeling this little lady won’t be available for long.

This photo leads us to believe that Jaeger might have, at one point, been on tour with David Bowie.

This photo leads us to believe that Jaeger might have, at one point, been on tour with David Bowie.

"I can't see you, but I can see your soul, and you seem to have a spot of tomato soup on it. Let me help you." -Jaeger

“Oh no! You seem to have spilled a bit of chicken soup on your soul. Let me help you.” -Jaeger



Photos provided by Tabby’s Place.

Bachelor of the Week: Philbert!

World, meet Philbert. Take a good look at him. Notice anything? No? Good. Because if he took a good look at you, he probably wouldn’t notice anything, either.

Seize the Day!!!

Seize the Day!!!

Dear little Philbert is visually impaired. And yet, this little four year old has such a zest for life.

Philbert likes to cook, particularly with lemons, limes, and anything zesty. He also likes nuts, namely filberts. Actually, he can’t eat any of that, but he doesn’t mind, because if you liked it, he would cook it for you. Philbert would dance, sing, cuddle, tip toe, you name it, he would do it, because he’s that kind of guy.

Philbert made his presence known at the animal control facility by singing, pawing, and dancing in his cage when Save A Pet went in there to make a few rescues. Alas, they fell in love with his piquant personality and brought him back to their shelter where he now awaits a new home. MomFOD met him, in fact. She didn’t even know he was visually impaired as he went bolting for the door trying to seize life by the filberts!

Seriously, guys? I still don't have a home?

“Seriously, guys? I still don’t have a home?” – Philbert.

Kiss me. I will accept your love.

This is Philbert’s temporary love. Don’t worry; she won’t get in the way if you adopt him.

Philbert, waiting patiently. Until you open the door.

Philbert waiting patiently. Until you open the door.


Will you adopt Philbert? Will you be his one and only? Or make him part of your team? He’s ready!

Carpe that diem and adopt today!




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Bachelor of the Week: Hachi!

Dear World,
I hope you are well. Today, I would like to introduce you to Hachi, a small pomeranian who has a few needs. Let me give you his information:
Name: Hachi
Weight: 7 pounds
Age: 10
Special Needs: blind, torn ligament in leg, heart murmur
Batting average: 0.0 (he doesn’t play baseball – he prefers hockey)
Now then, let’s discuss Hachi’s needs. He is blind, but he comes when you call him, he’s house trained and crate trained. Also, sometimes his eyes move back and forth a bit.  Hachi has a heart murmur but he requires no medication for it and I’ve heard that Co Q-10 supplements are helpful and inexpensive for such things. He also has a torn ligament in his leg, which prevents him from playing hockey and aids in him having a 0.0 batting average, but he’s on a low dose of pain meds, which in turn, makes him quite the happy little fellow! He sometimes hops on it. You can hop too, and call it dancing.
Hachi gets on well with dogs and cats and he really, really, really loves people. In fact, he loves people so much, he would like to go home with one who wants to love and snuggle him so he can retire from baseball forever. (Just kidding. Hachi doesn’t want to retire from baseball. He wants to watch it from the couch. With YOU.)
If you’d like to meet Hachi, he’s in foster care in Virginia through the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. He can be transported to you at no extra cost, even if you’re out of state, as long as it’s a reasonable distance. Call him up. Have a chat. If there’s anything Hachi can do, it’s love you. In fact, he’ll knock it right out of the park. Meet Hachi today.
Hachi enjoying a game from the stands

Hachi enjoying a game from the stands, which happen to be filled with dog food. Lucky him!

Strutting his face.

Strutting his stuff.





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