Psi’s Transport with Frank: From New Jersey to Canada

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Do you remember about a month ago I asked everyone for help to find a little kitten named Psi transport from New Jersey to an awaiting home with Bailey (mom to Little Meow and D’Artagnan ), the kind young lady who has already adopted two paraplegic cats? Well, we found someone! A wonderful man named Frank O. saw our post on Facebook and was kind enough to help Psi get from New Jersey to Calgary via airplane. He emailed me telling me that he might be able to help. I put him in contact with Bailey and just a few short weeks later, he brought Psi to her new home. I asked Frank a few questions about the trip. Here’s what he had to say:

Crepes: Did you have to go out of your way to pick Psi up?

Frank: No, Lisa from the shelter brought her to me at the airport.

C: What was the flight like? Did you have to carry certificates or papers?

F: The flight was entirely uneventful. Since it was an international flight, I needed certificates from Psi’s vet as well as proof of her vaccination status (specifically rabies).

C: How did the other passengers react?

F: I removed Psi three times from her carrier: once while waiting at the airport, twice on board the plane. Each time, people – whether male or female, tall or short, young or old – would do a double-take when they saw her and, in almost every case, smile. One huge man (at least 6’5″ and built like a barn) saw me holding Psi just after we had gone through security, and said, “That’s such a beautiful cat!”

C: How did Psi take to the flight? Was it stress free? Did she need any medications or special care during the trip or at the airport before?

F: She didn’t seem overly bothered by it. When I took her out of her carrier on board the plane, she was busy looking around, but made no attempt to get away. I don’t know if she was given any medications before I met her at the airport. Before Lisa gave Psi to me, she took her to a bathroom at the airport and expressed her urine and feces and changed her diaper.

F: Would you recommend that other people help out if they can with transporting special needs pets?

C: Absolutely – if you can help, why not do it?


Frank was certainly very kind to speak up and help out when he was able. And, because of him, Psi was able to get to her new home with as little stress as possible. Bailey has provided me with a few photos to share of Psi enjoying her new surroundings and her new friends Little Meow and D’Art. Bailey tells me that Psi is doing well and is getting used to her new siblings.

From me to Frank, I’d like to express a big heartfelt thank you. I hope that others can learn from your kindness and see that, with a little extra effort, they can make a big difference. Frank gets two stumps up!


D'Art wonders who the baby is
D’Art wonders who the baby is
Nap time after a long trip!
Nap time after a long trip!
Kitties at play
Kitties at play
Bailey and Psi, post-transport
Bailey and Psi, post-transport








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  • way kewl post ta day crepes…. N iz it just uz…. ore iz it like fate…St Francis…Frank…
    yea…rock on doodz !!!! de best oh fishes two ewe psi 🙂

  • This is a terrific example of how we can accomplish little miracles that completely change the course of a life! Frank, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Bailey, what a wonderful, huge heart you have. Many blessings to both of you.

  • What a wonderful story. Concatulations to Psi in her new home. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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