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  • I do have a kitty that I’d like to see if you can feature. Can I send you her photo and information by email?

  • Tiger is about 9 years old and may have a tumor in his right hind knee. I’ll find out soon. My vet said 3 legged cats can do fine. I love him and will do anything for him! I can’t bear the thought of putting him to sleep. All I want to do is make the best decision for him while I pray for a miracle. I can’t imagine him not being able going outside in my quiet rural setting. I would appreciate any advise on what would be best for him. Thank you very much.

    • Hi John,
      While I’m not a vet, and I can’t advise you on what’s best to do for your cat’s health from a medical standpoint, I can tell you what I know from my own experience. I have a friend that had the same situation and had to have his cat’s leg removed to save his life. The cat is doing great and is still living a happy life, years later. I think Crepes may have been born this way, but I don’t doubt that she would have adapted well if she’d lost her leg later. Animals are resilient little creatures and, unlike people, I don’t think they feel sorry for themselves. If it does come to that, your vet is right that three-legged cats do just fine. It just takes a little adapting. And if you’re concerned about Tiger being unable to go outside anymore, you can perhaps look into leashes (I use one on my older cat when he wants to go out here in the city) or build him a little pen that’s screened in with a top, so he can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine with no danger.
      Tiger’s life won’t be the same, but with a kind, caring friend like you who’s willing to do anything for him, he’s already luckier than many cats in this world. Good luck and keep me updated! If you have more questions or would like me to point you to some resources, email me at – Alana.
      PS. I think my stump is cool. It makes people want to hug me more. – Crepes.

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