Need Escort to Help Psi Reach Her New Home In Calgary!

You guys!


Psi, hoping to get home soon!

We have an amazing opportunity here to help a special needs kitty get to his/her new home! Do you remember Bailey Maitland? She’s the fabulous young lady that adopted D’Artagnan from Tabby’s Place earlier this year. She also found a paraplegic kitty on the street and adopted her, too. And now, kind-hearted Bailey is willing to open her home to one more special needs kitty named Psi if she can find a way to get Psi home to Calgary AB, Canada.

Psi has a spinal deformity that is likely spina bifida, which requires her to have her urine and feces expressed two times a day. She is also likely a hermaphrodite. She looks like a lady cat on the outside but might be hiding some boy parts on the inside. Fancy, eh? If you want to know more about her, you can check out her profile here.

Now, here’s the scoop on where we can help:  Psi is being fostered in Bensalem, PA and her adoption is being handled by the Trenton Cat Rescue in New Jersey. Bailey lives in Calgary, Canada and is unable to fly to New Jersey to pick her up.

We are looking for:

A person or pilot that is willing to escort Psi from Pennsylvania/New Jersey to the Calgary area. Psi is unable to travel via car because the veterinarian thinks it would be too stressful of a journey, so flight is the only option. Psi is unable to fly on her own because she cannot be shipped as “cargo.”

Can you escort me home?

Can you escort me home?

Is there anyone near Bensalem, PA that would be willing to fly with Psi to Calgary OR to Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane, Glacier Park international airport area or Great Falls international airport area? Bailey is able to travel to any of those places to meet Psi and her escort. If you are willing to do this, please contact me and I can put you in touch with Bailey, or contact the Trenton Cat Rescue to arrange the travel plans. Psi will be given a medical clearance by the veterinarian, so crossing the Canadian border shouldn’t be a problem.

If you yourself can’t fly Psi, please pass on this notice to anyone you think can help. Let’s share it on Facebook and Twitter and see if we can help Psi get home to Bailey! Let’s show everyone that we can really make this happen!




13 thoughts on “Need Escort to Help Psi Reach Her New Home In Calgary!

  1. Layla, as she can only travel by air, it will not. Most of the flooding is in central/southern Calgary, and we live about 10 minutes from the airport in the the North.

  2. crepes…..ask yur mom ta chek inta

    we due knot haz face book sew can’t link ta de site frum ther to get
    customer ree views N stuff; but this mite be a start

    best fishes N de blessing oh st francis two ewe PSI


    • Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately it seems to only operate within the US. I tried filing out a form for an estimate, but it wouldn’t let me.

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  4. Hi. I live in New Jersey & am about 45 minutes from Bensalem. I would be willing to help out if the travel date is flexible.

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