Bachelor of the Week: Buddy!

Today’s Bachelor was a special request by one of my kind readers and supporters, Karen R. She asked me to feature this little fellow, and so I shall!


World, meet Buddy. Buddy is about two years old and has the cutest little heart-shaped nose. He came in to Tabby’s Place in New Jersey a very shy kitty, and, while he’s still pretty shy, he’s definitely open to human companionship with the right adult. A person with patience, a person willing to bring out his best side, a person with a pocketful of kitty treats for those moments when only a kitty treat will do.

Dear little Buddy’s special need is FIV+. He specifically wants to make this known to everyone because he feels that it’s the socially responsible thing to do. Presently, Buddy doesn’t need any special care and has no other health issues besides his socially-responsibly-non-hidden-FIV+ status.

So, do you have treats? Do you have patience? Do you have a need for the love of a wonderful little kitty? Then make Buddy your perma-buddy today!

Or, if you love him, but can’t take him home, consider sponsoring this wonderful little fellow. Anything will help, even a little bag of treats sent with love.

Buddy takes selfies to show the world who he really is when no one is watching
Buddy takes selfies to show the world who he really is when no one is watching
Climbing the steps that he hopes lead to your heart
Climbing the steps that he hopes lead to your heart


Snuggling - notice that there's room for one more
Snuggling – notice that there’s room for one more – Do you fit?


And if you didn’t know, today is WORLD CAT DAY! Anyone who doesn’t have a cat should consider adopting one so you can be as awesome as all the people that have cats, because cats do cool things. Like lick your hair and bump you in the head with their heads. Please adopt and celebrate WORLD CAT DAY!



  • Crepes, mewz Bachelor and Bachelorette of the Week feature is just like mew: fabulous, sweet, compassionate, and an example of a truly dedicated advoCAT. Buddy and all the kitties mew feature each week are adorable, and worthy.

    • Gosh, thanks Ms Phoebe! I’d say I’m too shy to take the compliments, but that would be a lie, because I like them. Thank you for your kind note. 🙂 – Crepes.

  • happee werld cat day two ewe Buddy N crew
    may St Francis guide ewe ta yur new for evers home yet this month…N all yur pals two…ewe iz one kewl dood

    happee werld cat day crepes N crew; eat plentee oh treetz yur self, pree fur a blee non burd flavored ones !


    • Buddy is the most loveable little man. Once he knows you a wee bit, he’ll roll over on his back and let you rub his pristine white belly and purr up a storm. Thank you so much Crepes for sharing Buddy’s story with all your very special fans.

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