My St. Patty’s Day Date with Bob Newhart

I think you all remember this fellow from my Valentine’s Day dating contest:

crepes and bob newhart
What is he DOING?

Well, as you may or may not recall, I mentioned Bob Newhart as a third place possibility. I didn’t think he was a great idea for a Valentine’s Day date (that went to Odin of but thought he might make a fun St. Patrick’s Day buddy. Here’s what happened on our date. Let’s just say I should have known from the photo he sent me that he wasn’t going to be the most, shall we say, debonair of fellows:

Here’s a photo that Bob text me a few hours before the date. He said he was “preparing.”


I figured, ok! He really wants to impress me. He’s going to make an effort to look great and do this right. He showed up to pick me up and he looked rather nice, I have to say.

What a nice hat!
What a nice hat!

We took a little prom-esque photo before leaving the house.

Our Photo
Our Photo

And then things went…. a little, shall we say, astray?

He told me he had prepared dinner for us. He said it was corned beef. I told him I was a vegetarian.


Then he said he wanted to show me his festive St. Patrick’s Day-themed sheets.

Uh oh...
Uh oh…

I was just about to tip toe out of the room when this happened:


The things that poor teddy bear has seen! As I was bolting out the door trying to call my mom FOD for a ride home, I snapped a picture in case I needed evidence. This is the last thing I saw:

Get back here
Get back here

So, there it was. My St. Patrick’s Day date with Bob Newhart. I think the only thing we had in common was our herpes+ status. As of now, he’s still pretty single, so if there are any ladies out there that are interested in this, um, cat, let me know! I’ll pass on the message.

How was your St. Patrick’s Day? Did you have a date? What’s the worst date you ever had? Share with me.



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  • Just goes to show that you must be careful when meeting someone on the internet. Always meet in a public place, not “his place”!

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