Confession Friday: My Nickname Is …

It’s “CrapJack.”  My nickname is CrapJack. See, my name is Crepes, which is a type of pancake. A flapjack is also a type of pancake. Therefore, my mom FOD thought it would be funny if she put the two types of pancakes together to form “CrapJack.”

Sigh. Why do I feel compelled to be so honest with my audience? I don’t know. I don’t know. What are some of your nicknames? Please share with me so I don’t go down entirely alone in flames of nickname embarrassment.

Crapjack. Hurray.

-Crepes. (CrapJack)


  • “Crapjack” is pretty darned funny! We have general ones like “Pumpkin Seed” and “Peanut Cluster”, but Jelly Bean is “Beanbag” and Mewsette is “Moussie”. Do you get the idea our human is a little food obsessed? There are many more, but we are the ones who have control of the computer right now.

    • I first read that as “mousie” and thought you liked to eat mice. Which, quite frankly, is not all that weird around here. – Crepes.

  • Wart is called Wartman most of the time because he is such a mancat. Otherwise, called The Fonz, because the comb is worse than any vacuum cleaner. Do not mess with his furs!

  • crapjack rocks crepes…sted oh puttin sum flame ta that…put it up on billboard white….bee sides..flame iz kewl….look at Godzilla 🙂

    R nik names never ree mane constant…dee pends on de ….mood…..oh de food service purrson nell…

    how lame iz that

    Haza awesum seachtain OH deireadh anda happee Lá Fhéile Pádraig
    haza awesum week oh end anda happee st patricks day

    • Oh, Trouties. (That’s your new nickname from me) My posts are never complete without a visit from you. Did you notice I ate one of your fish the other day? Just pointing that out. Happy St. Patty’s Day to you, too!! – Crepes.

  • Crapjack made me smile.
    But I don’t think anything can beat Fart Blossom.
    When Pete was first rescued, he smelled so bad he was called Stinky Pete. I’d give anything to have another minute with my Stinky Pete right now. Give Crapjack extra lovings from us today.

  • Great name. Love it. When one of my kitties was under a year he could clear a room with his farts so I called him fart blossom. Otherwise known as Cashew. Tubby who goes nuts every morning flying around the house is nutso or crazy kitty.
    Sue B

  • Well, it is more of an embarrassment to your human that you. We kitties are not really embarrassed ever, are we? 😉
    My human has been calling me “crevette” (shrimp) since I was a kitten.

    • Crevette is cute!! My name “Crepes” actually came from the Italian word “Crepuscolo” because I was always bugging my FODs at dawn and dusk. But Crepuscolo was too long to say, so it became Crepes, which, as you know, led to “Crapjack” and this conversation. – Crepes.

  • We like the nickname Crapjack, it’s kind of cool and funny **hee hee**

    One of our kitties has the nickname The Gangster . . . his real name is Danny (he has only 1 eye). He got the nickname because he struts about the place lashing out paw-punches to everyone and anyone who is in his way.

    PS. We love the little worm on the hook over there <<<<< . . . . it made us smile 🙂

    • Sometimes I try to slap that worm. Thanks for liking “Crapjack.” Do you think I should start a gang? Like “The Crapjacks of River North?” – Crepes.

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