Confession Friday: What The Hell Is This?

I’ve decided to bring back confession Friday, not because I need to confess something, but because I believe a certain pair of FODs needs to confess IMMEDIATELY.

You may have heard last year that a certain pair of gray cats was in foster with our family. Here they are, in case you forgot:

Louie, the tiny one


Martha, now known as Sprinkle or “Pinckle”

Remember them? Here’s what they look like now:

Louie and sprinkle
Look at that ridiculous smile.

And do you know WHY he’s smiling? DO YOU? I’ll show you:

note from tree house adoption

What do you mean “thank you for adopting Martha OVER A YEAR AGO? And what about Louie? Why isn’t he included in this note, Hmm? This explains why they’re still here!

I think MomFOD has some serious explaining to do. Go on, MomFOD. CONFESS.




PS. Have you considered fostering? It’s fun! And rewarding.  And the season is coming up!


  • Crepes, it looks like it is time to start peeing on the FODs’ bed and hurling hairballs into their shoes. Midnight nose or chin bites are probably deserved as well…

  • They sent you a happy gotcha day card?? how sweet is that!!

    They probably aren’t happy that Louie stayed because they wanted him for themselves..

  • Oooh Crepes your FODs have more than explaining to do- they have some serious stump kissing to engage in! While Martha and Louie are cute kittehs, how DARE FODs adopt any more kittehs without the express consideration and consent of the present kitteh(s) in charge of the home and family! I advise you confront them with this information and demand answers and the respect they have failed to give you. Punishment is needed and mandatory, I know you require no advice or suggestion when it comes to this matter of which you are an expert. Upon completion of interrogating and punishing the FODs, education for Martha and Louie must begin about who is in charge no matter what has gone on behind your tail– CREPES!
    This is a lesson of warning for all of us kittehs to instruct our FODs about the rules of adoption and WHO has final say. I know after typing this I am going to have a discussion with my Mom FOD so hopefully this kind of deliberate law breaking need not happen in our family. Thank you for sharing your brave story of betrayal my friend.
    *fat tail*

    • So far, all of our fosters of all colors have moved along, we’re really sorry one of yours may have been an undercover agent!

  • I love a good mystery…….I think there were some “unreported” (to you) shenanigans a year ago and if you hadn’t snooped in your FOD’s mail, you would not have known. Something is afoot (or is that apaw).

    Do tell………..
    Hugs, Sammy

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