Bachelor of the Week: Ronald!

Please meet our very first Bachelor of 2016, the one, the only, Ronald!
Here are some things that Ronald would like you to know about him:
1) He prefers to be called Ronaldo
2) His mustache is on purpose
3) He plays the guitar after midnight
4) He loves to eat
Ronaldo loves to chat, usually in Castilian Spanish and occasionally in French. He also does English for the uni-lingual readers out there. He will often be heard shouting words of multi-lingual triumph as he runs off with whatever food he can find. And you know what he does with it? He takes it into the kitchen, makes it better with delicious herbs and spices, and then he eats it. While playing the guitar. His hobbies include climbing trees, furniture, and small mountains.
Everything about Ronaldo is a success, except for his kidneys, which are a slight failure, and require some extra attention. And, although his kidneys are dependent on extra care, Ronaldo himself is independent and full of life! He’s 9 years old, had a mildly concerning polyp in his ear, and loves attention, windows, and bird watching. His zest for life was renewed when Tree House pulled him out of the CACC and gave him another chance at life! He would be a wonderful fit to any home, as long as that home has subcutaneous fluids and space for his guitar.
This guy has it all! So come one, come all to meet Ronald and give him the forever home he deserves!
"Echa un vistazo de mi bigote." - Ronaldo.
“Echa un vistazo de mi bigote.” – Ronaldo.


  • Nothing is more cuter than a musician who can cook AND whisper sweet nothings in your ear in several different languages! Paws crossed Ronaldo finds his forever match soon.

  • dood !!!

    R cuzin sauce hada mouse stashe like yurz…..him loved it & we did two…just like we due yurz….. ♥

    we send de best oh bloo gil …that ya findz yur foreverz home & yur in it…. in time ta play yur guitar ….a long with de half time show… durin soooper bowl….all de best two ewe ♥♥♥

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