Confession Friday: What the Hell Is This? Part 2.

Dear Readers,

I appreciated all of the support I received last week when I talked about the mysterious adoption note I found regarding one Pinckle Grelyak. (Alias: Martha Sassy Sprinkle Sorbet.)

I have found more. Brace yourselves for this news:

The Evidence

The Evidence

There it is. In Yellow and White. The definitive evidence of “Adoption Contracts” that one Louie Sorbet and one Martha Sorbet (Alias: Pinckle) have been adopted. I find it odd that their adoption dates are different. I find it further odd that they’re from 2014!

My face right now:

My face. Right now.

My face. Right now.

I have to go lie down.





14 thoughts on “Confession Friday: What the Hell Is This? Part 2.

  1. Uhoh……..I think you should demand a total explanation – one that makes sense considering the adoption date of TWO years ago……I think you should send a message loud and clear (may I suggest a giant hork perhaps?) that you DESERVE to know what’s afoot (a paw??).

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. Crepes, I am a firm believer that naps make everything better. And if there is no satisfactory explanation, doing “speed drills” at 3:30 AM across their faces will get their attention. Or “stealth pee” in places that are hard to clean and blame it on the “new kids”.

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