Bachelorette of the Week: Sylvia!

Let’s talk Sylvia, and let’s be Frank. Well, you all be Frank, I’ll be Crepes, and we’ll talk Sylvia. Right. Anyway, Sylvia, frankly, has a few problems. However, I believe in her! And I think she can make it! She’s dashing and death-defying! Let’s talk about her story, but first, I want you to focus on her lovely face. Here it is:


Ok, now that you’ve done that, let’s talk about her issues:

1) She’s rather timid around people, but is happy to spend time with patient, gentle humans.

2) She has HCM (another cat with HCM from Tabby’s Place was also featured here, named Morgan.) This is a type of heart disease that can lead to embolisms and death. When Sylvia arrived at Tabby’s Place, she couldn’t feel her back legs. Somehow, with TP’s amazing medical intervention, Sylvia pulled through and has been living there for two and a half years! (For a complete medical story, see her story in the archived newsletter here) With a prognosis of only a few months, two and a half years is pretty great! And she’s still going strong.

3) Sylvia is on medications for her heart disease and will likely be on them for life.

Not so bad, right? And, in case you forgot:


So far, she’s doing well in her little colony at Tabby’s Place. She might also do well in a home with a kind, caring soul that’s willing to put in the time to comfort and medicate her. We know that Sylvia’s chances of adoption are slim, and, between you and me, we’re pretty sure Tabby’s Place could use some support in paying for Sylvia’s ongoing care, so if you are able, they’d really appreciate a small donation in Sylvia’s honor. Please visit her sponsor page if you’re interested in helping. You can read her most recent sponsor update here.

And, if you’re that really special person that wants to take Sylvia into your home, contact Tabby’s Place and make an appointment to meet her. She’s definitely worth a “Look.”

"I kick HCM's butt!"
“I kick HCM’s butt!”
Look again.
Look again.



PS. It seems like a bunch of you yesterday thought that the photo I posted was of me. That wasn’t me! I put that there to humiliate Rocky. That was Rocky! Coming soon: a quiz to see who can tell me apart from Rocky. Me, in a hot dog outfit? Are you kidding?




  • She’s lovely, and we are smitten with black cats at our house, but with eight of us it is no place for a timid girl. We’ll be praying that just the right person comes along and takes her home. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • sylvia…frank lee…we think ewe rock…N ya all wayz will….N speekin oh Frank…our way awesum pal Frank haz sum blessings him wood like ta send yur way….


    best fishes two ewe prettee gurl ya finds that for evers for ever home !!

    crepes N crew…we hope everee one haza grate week oh end ~~~~~~~:)

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