Happy Ending: Levi!

Everyone! Everyone! I just found out that Levi, one of my earliest bachelors that I ran two times, has been adopted! The dear little 007 lookalike has found his forever home. I want to wish him well in his new home and commend Tabby’s Place for taking such good care of him until he found it. This is a great success because, not only is Levi a senior kitty, he’s also blind and deaf. It brings a tear to my kitty eye knowing that a kind soul took him in. You can read all about his adoption here at Tabby’s Place’s blog.

Levi/Tabby's Place
Oh! He’s like James Bond in that black and white.
tabby's place
“Snuggled, not stirred.”
Is that a pillow? I'll snuggle it.
Is that a pillow? I’ll snuggle it.



Three cheers for Levi!




PS. Tomorrow is the big day! Everyone in the Midwest, please come out to the Chicago Internet Cat Video Festival if you can! It’s being held from noon to 8 pm at the Irish American Heritage Center, with showings every 2 hours starting at 12. We’ll have comedians; face painters;Henri Le Chat Noir’s human;Rocky, who played Felsjat in “Catalogue,”; an adoption tent; and catinthefridge.com at its very own table!  If you come, please stop in and say hello! MomFOD will be wearing the shirt with my face on it and would love to meet you!

Me with the t-shirt in question.
Me with the t-shirt in question.


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