Bachelor of the Week: Taco!

World, meet Taco Cat.

Taco Cat: looking to the future
Taco Cat: looking to the future

While in name, Taco Cat is the same forwards as he is backwards, in deed, however, Taco is only looking to the future and never back at his past.

Abandoned on the front steps of Tree House in Chicago in 2007, Taco was adopted within a year. After five years in a home, his adopter returned Taco because he was unable to care for him any longer. And so, filled with hope and a bit of salsa, Taco is once again looking for his newest side dish. Can you be the beans and rice to his delicious, loving self? As a note, Taco has FIV, but he’s not too concerned about it. Cats with FIV can live long, healthy, happy lives and Taco is on a mission to prove it.

As for us here, if you remember earlier this week, I talked about my friend Cotton coming to the end of his 13 year battle with FeLV. MomFOD and I decided to sponsor Taco for three months in Cotton’s honor so that he might get a little extra attention. MomFOD paid and I pressed the “send” button on his sponsorship fees. And speaking of cash, remember that Tree House waives all adoption fees on FIV kitties and offers a health package for life. You can visit their website for details.

If you’re looking to add a new member to your family, we recommend Taco. He’s a little spicy and goes great with avocado. And you.

"Is that habanero? No , thanks. I'm perfect as I am." - Taco
“Is that habanero? No, thanks. I’m perfect as I am.” – Taco
Wondering not about where he was, but about where he will be when you realize how awesome he is.
Wondering not about where he was, but about where he will be when you realize how awesome he is.




  • dood……we iz sorree stuffs happened like it did & yur bak wear ya iz….we troo lee hope yur in yur new for everz just in time for PIE day ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥ N ya noe, thatz way kewl how yur name werks like that….front ta back ta front again !! best fishes ~~~~~

  • Crepes, What a wonderful way for you and MomFOD to remember your friends “C” and Cotton. Sponsoring a cat is a great idea. I am sure Taco Cat is very pleased. I am now going to make enchiladas for dinner.

  • Taco Cat is very cute! It is so nice of the shelter to offer a health plan for FIV+ kitties – I hope that this encourages more people to adopt FIV kitties. They deserve loving forever homes!

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