Bachelors of the Week: Zeke and Zeva!

UPDATE: Zeva is currently being placed in a foster home. Zeke is going to give it a go alone to see if it will bring him out of his sweet little shell.
Dear Readers,
Today, I would like to introduce you to a giant sleek kitty of love who comes complete with his very own tiny friend. As a team, they are known as “Zeke & Zeva,” but as individuals they are known as “Zeke” and “Zeva.” (Clever, I know.)
"Zeke & Zeva" as a team.

“Zeke & Zeva” as a team.

These two are looking for a home as a pair. They were adopted together as kittens and have been inseparable since then. Unfortunately, their first adopter no longer wanted the responsibility of having two fabulous cats bestow love and happiness upon him, so he returned them to Feral Fixers after four years. No pension. No stipend. I can only assume this family did not feel themselves worthy of the love that Zeke and Zeva were offering. That’s fine. Not everyone deserves a cat.
If you happen to like giant kitties, 21 pound Zeke is your man. Oh wait, you like little kitties? Then eight pound petit girl Zeva is for you. Can’t decide? Perfect! Adopt them both. (You have to; they come as a team.)
They are a bit on the shy side but have slowly been opening up in their foster home. All signs of trembling have passed, and these beautiful kitties can definitely blossom into confidence with the right home!  Zeke loves to have his butt scratched (and really, who doesn’t?) and Zeva chirps and purrs when you pet her. Not even one outside the box incident has been reported for these two or any other behaviors unfitting for an indoor home. They also have no health issues to speak of, but their special need is to be adopted together.
Are you ready to have the super team in your life? YOU ARE? Then contact Tammy at Feral Fixers today. Hurry!  Do it!

All cats are up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, fixed, and tested felv/fiv. If you are interested in adopting this bonded pair please email:  Screening questionnaire and contract apply.

Zeva and her resting grumpy face. I, too, have a resting grumpy face. It means she's great.

Zeva and her resting grumpy face. I, too, have a resting grumpy face. It means she’s great.

Zeke, dreaming about a new home and a permanent hand to hold up his giant head.

Zeke, dreaming about a new home and a permanent hand to hold up his giant head.

PS. Do you remember Taco Cat? The black kitty with FIV I sponsored at Tree House in honor of the passing of my friend Cotton? Good news! Taco found his home! Congrats, Taco! We are so proud of you and of your adopters for opening their hearts to a kitty with special needs.

12 thoughts on “Bachelors of the Week: Zeke and Zeva!

  1. taco…we iz buzzed happee for ewe that ya finded yur for everz home…happee gotcha day & herz ta 900 mor…..

    & zeke & zeva….we hope ewe iz ree portin bak ta uz bee fore months end that ewe both R in yur new for everz home & yur livin life large & in charge….de best oh fishes two ewe ♥♥♥


  2. Is it possible you mixed up the captions for these two great kitties ? The partly-white one looks a bit smaller than the dark-colored tabby . But they are an awesome pair and if they are a package deal, who cares, right ?

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