Bachelor of the Week: Scooter!

World, meet Scooter.

First, look at his photo. Before you do, though, squint. Just squint a little and you will see how very much like a teen idol he looks. Look:

The lock of hair over his eye, the goatee. Scooter, deep down, is a very sexy cat.
The lock of hair over his eye, the goatee. Scooter, deep down, is a very sexy cat.

Now that you see him as a macho, handsome, and virile fellow, let’s talk about his needs. He’s shy, but aren’t all bad boys? He’s introverted, but that’s what makes the ladies go wild. He gets so nervous he poops. Again, the ladies will go wild, but in a totally different way.

Scooter has been at Tabby’s Place for about seven years now. His severe shyness has kept him from finding his soul mate, and his de facto reaction to being handled is to poop. I’ve heard tell he learned it while watching an episode of National Geographic about skunks. Scooter doesn’t want to fight, so he uses smell as his peaceful means of self preservation. He’s a pacifist at heart.

Scooter had a relationship with a volunteer at Tabby’s Place, but the volunteer went on to school and so Scooter has retreated back into his world of teen drama. However, if he could love once, we know he could love again.

He’s healthy in all other ways. If you think that you have a loving, patient home free of young children and loud noises, Scooter could be the cat for you. Please consider meeting him. It would be a relationship that would be hard won, but nothing worthwhile is easy.

To meet Scooter, click here.

If you’d like to sponsor him, click here to make a donation towards his care. He doesn’t poop when money’s involved. Promise.




Scooter, preparing to fire.
Scooter, preparing to fire.
He's McDreamy and McSteamy at the same time.
He’s McDreamy and McSteamy at the same time.




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