Bachelor of the Week: Sirius!

You guys, I have a sweet little bachelor this week who is very Sirius about finding a good home. Now, we don’t have many photos of him, but let me paint you a picture with my words. Eh hem…

One evening, a tiny star fell from the sky. Downward and downward he plummeted, stopped only by the hard, unyielding ground. It must have been too much for the little star and it damaged his eyes, leaving him blind in one with pain in the other. He had fallen to the front door of a pet shop, the owner of which decided that the dear little kitten should have his life prematurely ended because he was deemed unfit for sale. But wait! In stepped some of the most courageous people known to man: Volunteers! And not just volunteers, but volunteers for Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, who specialize in gathering up unruly kittens and finding them new lives.

Dear little Sirius, whilst still amongst the stars.
Dear little Sirius, whilst still amongst the stars.

These volunteers brought the little star, now named Sirius, in for an examination to find out that he was, indeed, a happy, healthy little kitty, save for his damaged eyes. One of those eyes is causing him quite a bit of pain, and in order to free Sirius from the constraints of his injuries, they shall perform surgery to remove the painful eye, the eye that sees only shadows and no more, and give him a life free of hurt.

Kitty Bungalow reports that darling Sirius, in his star-bestowed wisdom, is considering adopting a seeing eye dog after he is well. He also plans to star in his very own version of “Scent of a Woman,” where he will perform much biscuit making and sniffing and become at star of the screen and stage.

If you would like to contribute to Sirius’ fund and be privy to his post-surgery and adoption info, you may do so here.

If you would like to find out more about Sirius for matters of adoption once he is well, please contact Kitty Bungalow for further information. Darling Sirius will be waiting.


Sirius, wishing upon himself for a home.
Sirius, wishing upon himself for a home.
PS. Our last featured Kitty Bungalow Bachelor Evander has been adopted! Hurray! We knew he’d fight his way to the top!


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