Bachelor of the Week: Evander!

evanderbachelorI told you all yesterday that today’s Bachelor is a doozie, and I did not lie.

World, meet Evander. He’s tiny, young, cute, and cuddly, and sadly, has been run over by a car and has quite the medical journey ahead of him. Taken in by the Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, (you can read my interview with them here – I really like them)  Evander is a happy little kitten despite his injuries. His medical care was taken very seriously and the team decided that his positive attitude mixed with his healthy appetite and desire to play were signs that they should go ahead with the surgeries and give him a chance at a long, happy life. So, what’s Evander like?

Well, first, he’s missing an ear, but cuteness this strong cannot be contained or marred by a missing ear. Also, his tail was amputated because of the damage it sustained in the accident. It’s just a little shorter than average, but we all know it’s not about length, it’s about how you wag it. In addition, he may need to have a leg amputated, although there is some hope that they can still save it. I can attest first hand that missing a leg does not preclude one from jumping on counters or getting into general kitty mischief. Besides, I heard he has a mean right hook to make up for it. Finally, Evander needs to have a plate put into his pelvis. Evander is currently medically stable and waiting for his repairs whilst eating like a little piggy and purring up a storm.

Evander will be adoptable after the surgeries and some lucky person will be able to take this beautiful little guy home to be his/her lifelong reminder of tenacity and spirit. Until then, Kitty Bungalow could really use some monetary support to cover his expenses. Anyone who donates will be updated on his condition as new details come in. You can donate directly to the Kitty Bungalow Emergency Medical Savings fund here. (If you’re outside the US and have trouble with that page, you can donate to the scholarship fund through PayPal here.)

If you think you’d like to make a donation to help Evander return to health, or you would be interested in adopting him after he’s well, please contact Kitty Bungalow in Los Angeles, CA. Evander has already survived a lot, and it would be wonderful if he had a loving home waiting for him.



"Do you have ANY IDEA how great I am?" - Evander.
“My goal is to be the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world.” – Evander.
"It's not the size of a cat or his tail that matters, it's the size of his heart." - Evander
“It’s not the size of a cat or his tail that matters, it’s the size of his heart.” – Evander
"Come closer and I'll show you my right hook. Just kidding, let's hug." - Evander
“Come closer and I’ll show you my right hook. Just kidding, let’s hug.” – Evander






  • My human has read about and heard wonderful things about the people at Kitty Bungalow, so this brave little fighter will be up and ready to join the ring/circle of a new forever family. What a lucky family they will be too- he is just a darling baby kit. The mama cat in me would just love to cuddle and look after him while he convalesces after his surgeries. I will keep my paws crossed that he stays well for his remaining medical needs and that someone special will step forward to give him a forever home. Evander is a fabulous example to show people that adopting a kitty with special needs can be the best decision they will ever make, as we are just like any other cat, often better in that we have true spirit in determination, perseverance, loyalty, and unconditional love. I know my MomFOD never regrets being adopted by me ten years ago and says she has learned more about herself, human and feline nature, loyalty, unconditional love, and life itself from being my MomFOD and sees herself as a better person as a result. I told her this was no surprise to me: we felines are known for our intelligence, sleek beauty, distinguished taste, and devotion to those who worship our royal selves- and being the Queen I am, I have become accustomed to leaving such an impression to whomever I meet. It is part of one’s duty when mewz reign over a Queendom. MOL!

  • Evander has been through a lot for such a little kitty. I hope his surgeries go well and he finds a forever home when he is well.

  • Poor little guy. He is certainly a handsome one though! Good luck to him finding a nice home, although I’m sure with his cuteness it won’t take long 🙂

  • Aww Evander is such an adorable kitty. It’s sad that such a young kitty has had to go through so much. We hope he gets well and finds a good home. We love the name Evander cause he is missing an ear. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  • wee small dood !!!! troo lee ..may St Francis watch over ewe N see ewe thru de rest oh yur sir jerry’s N when they bee done, may he leed ewe ta yur for evers home were ewe will sell a brate 95 gotcha yeerz…..N like sew what bout yur tail said de bobcat N yur missin ear meens ya onlee need one muff when itz cold… rock on dood !!!~~~

  • Aw, he’s freaking adorable! I hope he can find a good home after the rest of his surgery. I’ve met a couple tripod kitties and they seem to do well! Have you looked into Tripawds? It’s an online community for 3 legged animals!

  • Beautiful kitty. Sorry he had a bad start to life. Hope he heals quickly and finds a loving home.
    Sue B

  • I’d love to donate to Evander’s upkeep, but I can’t figure out how as I’m not in the US! (“State” is a required field on the piryx page!)

    Any ideas?

    • So kind of you, Jonathan!! I would suggest contacting Kitty Bungalow directly. If you’d like to send me an email at crepes AT, I can put you in contact with my contact there and I’m sure she will have a suggestion for you. You may also try this link, which is their paypal link and you can enter the name of a specific kitten. Thank you so much for your generosity!!

      • Thanks for the pointer – I’d misread some of the post and hadn’t gone on through to Kitty Bungalow 🙂

        • Thank YOU for pointing it out! I added the link after you mentioned you couldn’t get through, so you did not misread. You helped tremendously. Thank you for your support and your generosity. 🙂 – Crepes.

  • oh he IS adorable!! we are very sorry he was hurt but know he is in great hands and well on his way to recovery and a new home!!

  • Evander is so lucky he got taken in by the Kitty Bungalow humans – they are great! My human know this group quite well.

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