Bachelorette of the Week: Psi!

You Guys! This week, we have a very special bachelorette who you may have seen here before. Last spring, I attempted to find transport for a spina bifida kitten named Psi to make her way from New Jersey to Canada to her permanent home, and it was a success! We found a wonderful reader named Frank who carried her on the airplane to her new adopter.

Psi, posing like the cover girl she is.
Psi, posing like the cover girl she’s preparing to be.

After roughly 9 months, however, Psi’s medical conditions became too difficult for her big-hearted adopter Bailey to handle, and she very recently made the difficult decision to bring Psi to Tabby’s Place, where Psi could get the medical treatment she desperately needs. (You may remember Bailey from when she adopted D’Artagnan, our very first ever Bachelor.)

Psi is currently eleven months old. She is unable to use her back legs or to use the bathroom on her own, and may require surgery for a bone spur in her rear leg.  Tabby’s Place will provide Psi with ongoing medical care and daily therapy to help sooth her little butt and hopefully prepare her for her future dream of a forever home when she is ready.

Until then, we’d appreciate your sharing the word about Psi and the work Tabby’s Place is doing for her. If you can help, Psi would happily accept sponsorship to  ease her medical bills at Tabby’s Place. Or maybe you can send her a blankey and some treats. I’m sure she’d happily accept those, too. Or even some telepathic purrs, because I’m sure she’s Psi-chic. (Sorry, it had to be said.)

To learn more about Psi and find out how to sponsor her, please visit her page here.

I’m sending a hearty thank you and giant hugs to Tabby’s Place for taking in this special little kitten who needs help. You do amazing things, Tabby’s Place! And also a hug to Psi’s adoptive mom. We know it was a difficult decision for you, and we applaud you for doing the right thing for Psi, no matter how hard it was for you.

Psi, hypnotizing you with her charm.
Psi, hypnotizing you with her charm.


Psi, looking at the angels that are clearly looking out for her.
Psi, looking at the angels that are clearly looking out for her.




  • She’s such a beautiful little thing. I’m so impressed by the decision her mama made in doing what was best for her. There is definitely no shame in rehoming a cat if it is for it’s well-being.

  • What a story.. it brought tears to our eyes,,,, so many kind peoples trying to help the kitty..

  • are SOOOO pretty ! and quite the north american traveler! We have learned about Tabbys from this blog and we are sooo glad we did.. we will be sending a care package soon.. Luv Pixie xx00xx

  • Oh gosh what a wonderful story. Big applause for Bailey for getting the best help that psi could possible get. That Tabby’s Place is my very favorite place. I kept track of Dot too. Sparkle said it all. Wish I had lots of money so I could sponsor psi but I will do a post about her. And spread the work on Facebook etc.
    Hope all of you have a wonderful day.

  • psi…..we trooly hope for de best of de best fish out ther which in R book iz trout, that ya get de care ya knead at tabby’s place…we noe yur mom bee heartbroken but it taked a lot oh love for her to give ewe up N get ewe ta wear ya knead ta bee rite now…St Francis’ blessings ♥♥♥

  • Thanks Crepes! News sure travels quickly.
    And thank you everyone for the support. I knew Tabby’s was the best place for her to go, as they already cared for Dotty. I’m confident they’ll be able to help my little Stinky Baby get better, I just wish I could have been able to.

    • Bailey, you did the right thing! Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t do it alone. Your love for Psi is what made you bring her to Tabby’s Place for the care she needs. Please give snuggles to D’Art and Little Meow for us.

  • What a beautiful kitty. Look at those eyes. Hope she can find a forever home when she is ready.
    Sue B

  • Oh Crepes! Usually I let my own Tabby’s Place kitty Bialy write to you…. this time I have to comment <3
    Little Psi is such a special baby, she's sweet, playful and of course a bit unsure right now. Thank you so very much for letting your readers know that she can be sponsored and course she'd love to receive her very own mail. All the TP kitties love toys, blankies and knowing that people out In cyberland love them just as much as we volunteers and staff do! As always thanks for all you do for Tabby's Place, we're very lucky to have you as part of "our family"!

    • Oh, gosh, my pleasure! Thank you for your support and for everything you do for kitties! You give life to so many, and that’s immeasurable. – Crepes.

  • What a sweetie pie..she is beautiful and her eyes… how sad.. but I hope that she gets the help and forever home she needs

  • Oh I hope and pray Psi finds a home where she can be totally spoiled and loved forever…..her eyes are INCREDIBLE…….!!!

    Hugs, Sammy and his Mom

  • Psi looks like such a sweetheart! I know Tabby’s Place had a spina bifida kitty named Dot who got a home last year – so there is LOTS of hope for Psi!

  • Such a sweet girl…I can only imagine how hard it was for the mom. : (
    Sending lots and lots of purrs to the mom, to Psi and to all the kitties of Tabby’s Place.

  • Beautifully written as always Crepes! Send an extra hug to the adoptive mom from us – I’m sure it was heartbreaking for her 🙁

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