Bachelor of the Week: Rainier, the Sequel!

You guys!

Sad news. One of our very first bachelors, Rainier Park, was adopted but unfortunately was recently returned due to the severe allergies of his adopter. Alas, this fellow is back on the market!

Rainier Park
“Oh, hey there. Are you looking for love? Cuz I have some to give.” – Rainier Park.

Rainier was rescued from a forest preserve in Des Plaines, Illinois along with nine other kitties. Rainier is now around three years old and is a super “love bug,” as his caregivers at Cat Guardians have said.

Rainier loves to play in the sink and snuggle a whole bunch. He loves other kitties and would be happy to join your already established family. Rainier has a small eye condition which was fixed through surgery, but he still requires daily drops/ointment to keep his eye comfortable. But really, who DOESN’T require some sort of ointment to make their days a little brighter, eh?

As rarely happens, MomFOD and I actually got to meet Rainier one day and he’s lovely little fellow. Very huggable. No lie.

If you’d like to meet Rainier, please contact Dawn at Cat Guardians. He’s currently suffering from a broken heart and needs to get back on the horse! (Horses, if you’re interested in adopting Rainier, please have your human call. Thanks.)



Me, mom FOD, and Rainier that one time we met.
Me, mom FOD, and Rainier that one time we met.
Washing up for his future date with you
Washing up for his future date with you
I told you he likes to hug.
I told you he likes to hug.




  • I adore him with that pink nose and mancat face! Why did the person adopt him in the first place if they knew they had allergies?! It seems dumb and cruel, impulsive to me. Poor boy, I wish I could have him. I hope he finds a human worthy of his cuddly and loveable self to go home forever with soon. Purrs of love sent by our family.

  • dood….mega sorree de furst for evers dinna werk out…manee best fishes two ewe date two finds ewe de love(s) oh yur life N ya iz textin yur new home addy by months end….xxxxxxxx

  • Oh he is such a handsome boy and what a hugger. That picture is just terrific. Hope a nice home comes along for him really soon.

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