Bachelor of the Week – Rainier Park! – ADOPTED

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I give you RAINIER PARK, our newest Bachelor of the Week!
Rainier Park was rescued, along with nine other cats, from a forest preserve in Des Plaines, Illinois by Cat Guardians. This handsome two-year old loves to play in the sink and enjoys long walks in your arms. As long as his feet don’t touch the floor, he’s one happy kitty!
Rainier Park

Rainier Park, Looking for Love with a Sultry Squint

Rainier Park loves to flirt, but that doesn’t mean he’s not looking for the love of his life. In fact, he’s into open relationships and will happily co-habitate with you AND your other kitty loves. Rainier is a bit special because he has a chronic eye problem that requires daily attention, but what cat doesn’t require daily attention, really? A tiny eye problem is a small price to pay for the love that comes in this fabulously fuzzy package.
You can meet Rainier at Cat Guardians in Lombard, IL.
Washing up for his future date with you

Washing up for his future date with you

Oh my!! How did this get in there?

Oh my!! How did this get in there? Such a lover!


Any takers? Don’t delay! This little fellow is going to be snapped up soon!

14 thoughts on “Bachelor of the Week – Rainier Park! – ADOPTED

  1. Awww! He sure is cute. Really hopes he gets his forever family real soon.
    Just left a comment on your previous Thankful Thursday Blog Hop article (kitten with broken leg.)
    Just letting you know the latest Thankful Thursday Blog Hop is now open. Hope you can join in and we can keep learning more about you. :=o)

  2. Everything you’ve heard about Rainier is true. I’m one of the caregivers that gives him the eye meds. Ointments, very simple to apply by the way, and I’d be more than happy to show his new family how I do it. When I come into the shelter he runs up to me and leads me into the bathroom where we put them in. I give him a treat or two after, he purrs, we hug, life is good!

  3. I also work with Rainier at Cat Guardians and give him his eye medication. He is so very good about it. He has had eye medication since we discovered his problem shortly after he got there. He doesn’t LOVE getting his medication, but he doesn’t struggle very much and never gets upset. He does of course expect his treats afterward. =D
    He loves being cuddled, held and carried around. He’s not a big guy so carrying him is easy. He’s a true love.

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  5. Just an FYI – Rainier had eye surgery last week to correct his eyelid defect. All went well and he came through with flying colors., He is currently convalescing at the home of one of our board members with another cat from the shelter who lost an eye to Glaucoma. Rainier told her that he was thrilled to have one of his friends from the shelter there but REALLY hates the cone he is currently wearing.

  6. Hi Crepes – I wanted to let you know that I found my forever home and what’s even better is that my best friend lives there too!

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