Poetry Challenge: A Naughty Limerick!

After publishing my last series of haiku, I was challenged last week by the cats over at Opinionated Pussy Cat to write more poetry in various styles. I accepted the challenge and here are my results. I had to write a Tanka, a Cinquain, and a Limerick. Limericks are supposed to be a bit naughty, so it’s a little more risque than my usual writing, but done with class, of course.  I decided to theme the three poems on the topic of the trials of being a house cat and up-and-coming famous writer. Here they are!

The Tanka

I am a tiger.

I slink around the corners

Looking for something

That I can take down and kill.

I find a fake mouse. Thrilling.


The Cinquain

Uh oh.

I think maybe

I have mistakenly

Hairballed in my mom’s nicest shoe.

Oh crap.


The Limerick

Being famous is a chore

But being no one would be a bore

Having a blog

Makes me the top dog

But at times I get suitors I abhor.


They say to me “kitty, you are so pretty

Making jokes and being witty.

If I were

To make you purr

Would you give me a kiss, itty bitty?”


“No,” I say. “No, go away.

And do not come back another day.

You may not flirt,

nor lift my skirt

For I am not your prey!”


“But Kitty, kitty,” they cry some more

“Please let me through your bedroom door!”

“Now listen here you silly fan

You just are not my type of man

Nor the type of cat that I’d fall for.”


So what do I want? For whom do I search?

Who would I allow to take me to church?

Well, now, you see

That’s a secret for me

So sorry to leave you in the lurch!

Ta da!! Poetry challenge complete. Do you have any other challenges for me? Any topics you want me to write poems about? Let me know! I’m happy to take requests!
Love and kisses (but, like, friendly love and kisses, not the type you’d find in a limerick)
Meditating in the garden, writing my poetry.
Meditating in the garden, writing my poetry.


  • wait a minit..wear iz R furst commint…..

    we wuz tryin ta say we wood like ta heer a non burd ree lated poem….what about a nice mackeral melodee

    • I don’t recall writing about birds…. did I write about birds? What about this haiku I wrote just for you:
      Tabbies O Trout Town
      Love to eat mackerel fish
      With melted butter.

  • a pea ess frum R furst commint…. sorree bout eatin another gold fish off yur page….

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