A Series of Haiku

Sometimes I get inspired to write poetry. My preferred genre is the haiku. I find it lends itself well to my thoughts. Here are a few I’ve written for you today, based on my thoughts about my Fods:

Meditating in the garden, writing my haiku.

Meditating in the garden, writing my haiku.

I look in your face

And think about all the times

I’ve watched you pee. Wow.


Have you ever heard

Me crying in the night time –

Just to make you mad?


I jump on your lap.

And then I jump off again.

Then I jump back on.


Silence. Moon light. Dawn.

Creeping in the dark I am

About to wake you.


Happiness is me

When I have your attention

Give it to me. Now.


I look at the snow

And ponder how warm it is

in your arms. Thank you.


Do you have any haiku for me? Share them! I’d love to hear one from you!

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0 thoughts on “A Series of Haiku

  1. I can’t tell which feline pawed the haiku, but he or she deserves high paws for such depth and true character. I can well imagine my own Domino or Picasso going through the same mantras as they bask in the day. Here’s one they often recite:

    lying in the sun
    warm dreams of sniffing catnip
    must be time to eat

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