Tabby’s Place Dot’s Been Adopted!

You Guys! Super exciting news, so exciting that I pre-empted my regular Confession Friday column for it.


:::cue "Chariots of Fire"::: Duh DAH DAH DAH dah dahhhhhh.....

:::cue “Chariots of Fire”:::
Dot DAH DAH DAH dahh dahhhhhht…..

Dot’s been adopted! Who is Dot, you ask? If you click on this little linkey here, you’ll see the profile I did of Dot a few months ago. A very prominent little face at Tabby’s Place in New Jersey, Dot has spina bifida and other issues that doctors said were life-threatening. Dot, with her courage and great attitude, went on to find herself a forever home! And you know what? I personally think it’s because I sent her my blankey. Just 7 weeks ago, Dot was the recipient of my obviously magic blankey and now she has a forever home! Oh, happiness.

Congrats, Dot. We can’t wait to hear more about your new life!  To read more about Dot, visit the Tabby’s Place Blog to get the full scoop.




9 thoughts on “Tabby’s Place Dot’s Been Adopted!

  1. crepes….total lee rockin sooper grate mews…we iz way happee for dot… fishes two ewe in yur new forevers home dot…N crepes….ya better get ta werk on sum mor blankitz N quik…once werd getz out bout ewe N yur powerz….welll !!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~
    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

  2. Blankies is ALWAYS magic – you just gotta believe! Here’s sending more Blankie Magic wishes to you Crepes – keep up the good work

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