Confession Friday: I’m Giving My Blankey to Dot

Dear Friends,

It’s time that I part with my blankey and I feel that Be Kind To Animals Week is the perfect time to do it. I’ve chosen a very special kitty to receive it. Her name is Dot. She used to be great friends with D’Artagnan, and when he got adopted, she stayed behind. I think that she could use my blankey more than I can, so I’m sending it to her. It came home with me from Tree House, so it must be good luck, because I hit pay dirt with my FODs.

Folding my blankey on my Magic Carpet.

My FODs also wanted to include a few other things to make Dot happy, so she’s getting some delicious party snacks, Stella and Chewy’s dry food (it’s my preferred pre-bed nosh), sparkly toys, noisy toys, and softy toys, and a little nip.

I can’t always help every cat, but really I try. And during Be Kind to Animals Week, I thought we’d go just a little extra step further.

Dot, please enjoy my blankey and all the wonderful snacks. I wish I could do more for you, but I know you have a wonderful home at Tabby’s Place and I hope this brings you a little more sunshine.




Rubbing the box for luck
Rubbing the box for luck
Sparkleys, noiseys, and softies
Sparklies, noiseys, and softies


PS I’ll confess for my mom FOD that she STILL has a blankey. Shhh.


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