Confession Friday: I Got On the Counter

You Guys!

I don’t know if you realize how much of a milestone it is for me, but I got on the counter myself! The counter is like 4 feet off the ground and I’m missing one of my jumping legs.


Step One: the chair

Step One: the chair

As a kitten, I would look up and see it towering over me while all my brothers and sisters sat on it, stole food, and got shushed away by mom FOD. BUT! I wasn’t going to let my disability hold me down. I put myself on a strict regimen of one-legged squats, jumps, and running. First, I conquered the coffee table. Then, the cat tree. And now, finally, I’ve made it to the counter! Here’s how:

I run to the chair that’s under the counter, jump up, and as it spins, I hoist myself up to the counter top and Voila! There I am!


crepes on counter

Step Two: Victory

The FODs thought they’d finally have a cat that wouldn’t be on the counter but I proved them wrong!

Score 1 for Crepes. Victory is mine.


What have you done that you’re proud of? Tell me about it.



8 thoughts on “Confession Friday: I Got On the Counter

  1. Yay Crepes you made it! That is awesome! Well around here Garfield found another treasure and ran as fast as he could with it. He found a saltine cracker wrapper and he was going to hide it before I could catch him. LOL.
    Sue B

  2. crepes…AWESUM JOB !!!!!! next stop…top of de cabinetree wear peepulz like ta hide stuff like looze 50’s and 100’s and gold coins N jewelry N dust N stuff…..if de cabinetree doez knot go ta de ceiling that iz…. 🙂

  3. This is a Great Victory! Yay!
    I have been known to climb the couch back! But I have no front clawzies! Yes we are purrty Special

    • Hi, Stealthfur! It’s nice to meet you! Climbing the couch without clawzies is probably tough, too, and you deserve a special treat. Keep at it and aim for the highest shelf next! – Crepes.

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