Confession Friday: I Got On the Counter

You Guys!

I don’t know if you realize how much of a milestone it is for me, but I got on the counter myself! The counter is like 4 feet off the ground and I’m missing one of my jumping legs.


Step One: the chair
Step One: the chair

As a kitten, I would look up and see it towering over me while all my brothers and sisters sat on it, stole food, and got shushed away by mom FOD. BUT! I wasn’t going to let my disability hold me down. I put myself on a strict regimen of one-legged squats, jumps, and running. First, I conquered the coffee table. Then, the cat tree. And now, finally, I’ve made it to the counter! Here’s how:

I run to the chair that’s under the counter, jump up, and as it spins, I hoist myself up to the counter top and Voila! There I am!


crepes on counter
Step Two: Victory

The FODs thought they’d finally have a cat that wouldn’t be on the counter but I proved them wrong!

Score 1 for Crepes. Victory is mine.


What have you done that you’re proud of? Tell me about it.




  • This is a Great Victory! Yay!
    I have been known to climb the couch back! But I have no front clawzies! Yes we are purrty Special

    • Hi, Stealthfur! It’s nice to meet you! Climbing the couch without clawzies is probably tough, too, and you deserve a special treat. Keep at it and aim for the highest shelf next! – Crepes.

  • crepes…AWESUM JOB !!!!!! next stop…top of de cabinetree wear peepulz like ta hide stuff like looze 50’s and 100’s and gold coins N jewelry N dust N stuff…..if de cabinetree doez knot go ta de ceiling that iz…. 🙂

  • Yay Crepes you made it! That is awesome! Well around here Garfield found another treasure and ran as fast as he could with it. He found a saltine cracker wrapper and he was going to hide it before I could catch him. LOL.
    Sue B

  • It only goes to show, “You can’t keep a good cat down!”

  • OMC! You rock, Crepes! We’ve done lots of stuff we’re proud of, but Mom is not really exicted about. MOL!

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