Confession Friday: I Bathe in Public

Me, entertaining my adoring crowd
Me, entertaining my adoring crowd

That’s right, I’m a public bather. I don’t care. I’ll do it anywhere. In front of my brothers and sisters, my FODs, my friends. I’ll even bathe in groups. As we all know from a previous confession, I’m a nudist. My favorite place to bathe? In the window, in the cat tree, for the whole world to see, nude and proud.

Where do you like to bathe? Confess.

Love, Crepes.









PS Today, I’m including a neat little Liebster Award that was given to me by the Cherry City Kitties. They’ve given me the award because they wanted to know me better, so I’ll be answering some questions for them and then passing on the award to 11 other kitty bloggers.

Liebster Questions:
What is your favorite treat?  Smoked oysters
Your favorite toy? The dog’s tail.
Favorite place to sleep? Mom FOD’s arms. 
Favorite T.V. show to watch with your humans? The Walking Dead.  I have a zombie bunker, you know.
What was your naughtiest naughty? I chewed up the kitchen towel. And the new one, too.
How did you meet your humans? They fostered me when I needed a home in an emergency and kept me.
What do you like most about being a cat? The ability to have a blog in today’s society.
What shelter/rescue do you give paws up to? This week, I’m high-fiving Pets With Disabilities.  
What is your favorite cat holiday? Howloween. I celebrate daily.
What is the one thing you do that makes your humans smile the most? Reach up when I want to be cuddled.
And now my chosen bloggers:
Sockamillion at Sockington
Laila and Minchie at Cat-A-Holic 
The Florida Furkids at Friends Forever 
And for those bloggers, who I want to get to know better, your 11 questions:
Why do you blog?
Who is your hero?
What’s your favorite movie?
Where’s your favorite place to bathe (see how I slipped in a chance for you to confess?)
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
What do you do while your FODs are sleeping?
Do you like me?
What’s your stance on declawing?
What famous person do you have the biggest crush on?
Shaken or stirred?
If I gave you $5, what would you do with it?
I hope you have fun with the questions, chosen bloggers! As I understand it, you may accept my Liebster Award, link back to me and leave me a note, and choose your 11 bloggers to share the award with. Looking forward to your answers! I can’t wait to make more friends!  – Crepes.


  • Just like you, I bathe in public. What’s wrong with that?
    Concats for the award!

    Also I wanted to thank you for coming to my pawty and for your wishes. Hope you liked the tuna-shrimp cakes =^.^=

  • Con-cats on the award! We’re all family here, we do whatever we please wherever we please. Our human even paints us in the act sometimes.

  • crepes…whatz a bathe

    conga ratz on yur award N for thinkin oh uz ta answer same

    N ya noe smokin iz knot good for ewe… sew itz best ta stik to oysters on de… half shell

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

  • Very cool list. Glad to know you better. We will get on our list of questions soon!
    PS – love it that you have a Zombie Bunker! We like to watch Walking Dead, too!

  • Congrats on the cool award and THANK YOU for sharing it with us!!!
    We will for sure do a fun post about it. After all, enquiring minds want to know, right??? : )

    PS…I’m somewhat of a private bather. Waffles is the exhibitionist.
    ; ) Katie

  • Congrats. Loved your answers. I am afraid all my kitties bathe in public especially the windows so everyone can see.
    Sue B

  • LOL is all I have to say. My confession is – I love confession Friday.

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