My Zombie Bunker: Walking Dead Premiere!

crepes zombie bunker
Me in my bunker, ready for action.

Goodness, guys! Tonight’s the night of the half-season premiere of the Walking Dead. I’m SUPER excited to hear it. My parents watch it every week and I listen to it from under the couch. My favorite character is the guy with the accent, because I can tell who is he right away. I think he uses some kind of super awesome weapon that shoots things far away. I’d love to chase whatever it is that’s coming out of his weapon making those SHHHHHewwwwwww-TUNK! sounds. Also, the zombies. I like the sounds they make, even though they’re scary. I also like the sound of the people’s feet crunching in the grass when they walk through the scary leaves where all the trees are. What are your favorite sounds of the Walking Dead?

So, in honor of the premiere, I thought I’d share with you a little secret I have. My Zombie Bunker! I put it together so I’d have things to sustain me in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I keep it nice and high so I can stay at the top and keep zombies out. Here’s a list, followed by a photo,

of the items currently in it:

Warning signs. If the zombies are law-abiding, they’ll see this is “no zombie” territory and keep out.

Can of tuna, for food.

A glass of water, because water is very important in survival situations.

A copy of Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary,” a crucial zombie survival manual for the crafty cat.

String, both in ball and bundle styles. I can use this to get supplies from below, make weapons, or play.

A cake server. The Fod’s wouldn’t let me have a knife.

A squeaky alien toy and a ball with bell. I can use these as a diversion to draw away the zombies while I make a quick escape, or play.

A sparkle ball. Well, that’s just for me.

A bone, to fake my own death in case a zombie comes. He’ll think the already got me and leave.

Some buttons. They make great weapons when tied to string, but also, just cause they make me happy. I can hang them on the walls or just look at them and touch them with my paw. Who doesn’t like buttons?

Crepes zombie bunker
Detail shot of Crepes’ Zombie Bunker

So tell me, what do you have in your zombie bunker? Maybe we can swap survival tips!! Leave me a comment below.

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