Merry Christmas from us!

Hello all,


Pinkle packing up Christmas.

Yes, we realize Christmas was yesterday but we’re playing the Ukrainian card and saying it’s technically still Christmas until January 7. It’s been busy but we are all updated technologically now (laptop and desktop both went down at once and then the phone followed) and can once again blog to our hearts’ content. Today, I’m attempting a post from my phone. Let me know how it looks.

We all wanted to wish everyone our very best for your holidays and share with you a cute little thing we tried.

This year, while trying to make my yearly accoutrements du tree, I ran out of clay and, after some research, we discovered salt dough ornaments. Basically you do this:

One part salt

Two parts flour

One part water added slowly

Knead them up and get your little friends to smoosh their tiny feet into them! Check it out:

Salt dough

We didn’t have time to paint but we’ll save that for next year.

Happy new year to all!!



Ps. The tree is almost entirely pet ornaments at this point. Who else’s tree looks like this?


  • I love salt dough ornaments! We did these with the keys from our first apartment as a memory of our first home as a married couple. Great idea to do it for our fur babies, too! I guess it’s not too late to do it this year — we can tuck them away and enjoy them on the tree next season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Good to have you back ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The ornaments are great, but make sure no furbabies chew on them !

  • Hi! Due to commitments Christmas thingy has been delayed here until we can fit it in! Sometime after yours mol
    Anyways, your ornaments look mighty like cream chocolate to me and that has to be good!
    And as we don’t have a tree you are one up on us for the next few yearstoodle pips and lots of purrs to you all, and may all your dreams come true…..

  • Glad to have you back! Merry Christmas!! We have two trees: one with traditional family ornaments and one that is all cats ^..^
    (P.S. Post looks great on my mobile)

  • Cute idea! We have a LOT of cat ornaments but probably more ornament/souvenirs from trips. Merry Christmas!

    Hugs, Pam, and Teddy and Angel Sammy too

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