Tuesday Haikusday: Fur

The mood struck me to write about my fur. Sometimes, I let it grow. Sometimes, I barber it off. Hair is fluid. Hair is poetic. Eh hem…

Crepes Haiku Zen Cat

Soft, slick, smells like me
I wear my fur suit in stripes
ready to party.
Grey, black, long, short, red
all these types within our home
like Benetton ads.
Cat fur is perfect.
A bad hair day? No, never.
You envy me. #Truth.
What would you like to hear about next week?
PS. Kitten season is coming.


  • Great poem ad so are the ones people put in the comments 🙂

  • How about claws? Since we cats are all pretty much anti-declaw, I think we should celebrate our awesome talons!

  • Never out of style.
    Smooth, sleek, or sometimes ruffled.
    Proudly we wear it.

    Scattered here and there.
    Decorating all we touch.
    Call it “fur”niture.

    All purpose wardrobe.
    No dry cleaning bills to pay.
    Humans are jealous.

    Pee Ess: I think tummy fur is the best–I just want to plant my face in it and huff! Or behind the ears will work in a pinch…

  • good bye winter coat
    ewe R sheddin on de floor
    vacuum got ewe tho

    hello summer coat
    we feel 20 poundz lighter
    hay, letz go swimmim

    fur ore knot two fur
    R brush asked uz thiz questshun
    yes thanx pleez groom uz

    hair ball hair ball hack
    let yur purrson step in it
    goo eee slime eee furz

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