Bachelor of the Week: Gary!

You guys!

I decided to get off my behind and do one more Bachelor of the Week for 2015. And so, for our final fellow of the year, we have:

 This is Gary. Gary is handsome. Gary is ten. Gary is orange. Gary is a tabby. I think by now you know his name, so let’s talk about his other attributes, shall we? Gary, that handsome ten-year-old orange tabby up there, is a very curious and confident cat and yet he’s also independent with just a touch of the playful gene. He enjoys interactive toys, sipping water from the faucet, and snuggling deep down into blankets. Gary wouldn’t mind a home with older kids who really know how to appeal to his mischievous side. He  would also be totally ok being your one and only and yet he is open to sharing his relationship to you with other cats. He loves to chat, likes long strolls on the beach, and is an Aries. (That last part may or may not be a lie. Call Gary and ask him. Tell him Crepes sent you.)
If you’d like to meet Gary, contact Save A Pet IL. December is “New Leash on Life” days there and the adoption fee is waived for all pets that have been there a year or longer, which includes GARY! Also, Gary has a few tendencies to upper respiratory infections and GI Issues, but they’re controlled with diet. This qualifies him for permanent foster, which allows you to get medical support from Save  A Pet for the duration of Gary’s life.

If you think you can share your life and your leaky faucet with the fabulous Gary, (and really, who wouldn’t want to?) hurry up and get over there to adopt him. I SAID HURRY. The year’s almost over. You need to meet your cat quota. GO GO GO!

"I'm dreaming of a white faucet... just like the ones I used to know..." - Gary.
“I’m dreaming of a white faucet… just like the ones I used to know…” – Gary.
Gary, deeply contemplating the snuggle factor of this blanket/basket combo.
Gary, deeply contemplating the snuggle factor of this blanket/basket combo.




 PS. I know I have been scarce lately. I will be back in 2016 with all new laughs and bachelors. I think it’s time I get back to my silly self.


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