Texts From Mittens Arrives! Giveaway

You guys!

Are you familiar with the hilarious Texts From Mittens pieces by Angie Bailey? If you aren’t, you’re totally missing out on some hilarious interactions between a woman and her cat.

text_from_mittens_3DFor instance, check out this doozy:


Brilliant! Doze before bros! That’s TOTALLY within Cat Code.

Ok, ok. My turn. If I was going to text MomFOD, it would go like this:

C: Hey, MomFOD. My stump itches.

MF: That’s nice, CrapJack.

C: Will you come lick it for me?

MF: That’s gross. Lick your own stump.

C: But I want YOU to do it.

MF: No.

C: You hate me.

I don’t know. Was that as good as Mittens? He’s always got something so cool to say! I’ll keep thinking about it.

Anyway, the book just came out on March 31st and is now available anywhere you buy books, or click here to make it easy with an Amazon hardcover or Kindle purchase.

Are you convinced that you want to read it yet? YOU ARE?

Fantastic! Then it’s time to enter the


One lucky reader can win one! Leave a comment on this post telling me what your cat would text you about to  be entered to win a copy. USA and Canada residents only, please. (Sorry, New Zealand.) One (1) lucky winner will be chosen randomly from the comments using random.org and will be contacted via email. Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Entries must be received by Monday, April 6th at 11:59 pm to be eligible to win. Winner will be announced Tuesday, April 7th.

I love sounding official. Good luck!



PS. If you’ve ever imagined with it’s like to text directly with Mittens, DadFOD did a little video about it so you can experience it live:

FTC Disclosure: We were asked by the author to review a copy of the aforementioned book and received one copy as compensation, as well as the offer of a giveaway for our readers. All opinions are our own.


  • Tails are straight up in my house! We love us our Mittens!!

  • very happy my cats CAN’T text me! can see it now: mom, we’re starving here as they swoon from hunger [not!] Pagan, Flash, Squirt and Kali would just LOVE to have me read the book to them! =^,,^= aka momcat

  • Well ifin we wuz wuz text mommy she wuldn’t know how to text us back Crepes. Is dat not da worst fing yous heard? But me wuld text her bout tweats and why she didn’t take me wiff her. Sis Lexi wuld text her and wanna know why she didn’t take me wiff her. MOL Hope yous hav a pawsumly blest Easter.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  • My Bailey’s really jealous of Mitty. He sits on my shoulder and growls every time I try to read his dad Mittens’ latest text. I’ve taken to calling Mitty “You Know Who” but Bails is giving me the stink eyes just the same.

  • I’m a Maine Coon! A Maine Coon! I do not want to snuggle when the temperature reaches 82. Not ever! Leave me alone, Mamma. Mom? Where you going? Mom? MOM?!?! HUG ME!!

  • If Mistletoe could text me she would be complaining about having to live in a house with 3 boy cats….especially Hitch, because he spends a lot of time chasing her. Hitch would text asking why Mistletoe won’t play with him. He keeps trying to start a game of Chase butshe just hisses. Thank heavens they can’t text. They already manage to make their feeling known without adding the tech world to it.

  • Norville: whoa is me
                           Mom: what’s wrong boy?
    Norville: the girls have no respect for my positon as tomcat of the house
                           Mom: what happened?
    Norville: Sheba whacked me on the head three times
                           Mom: why?
    Norville: all I did was greet her
                           Mom: did it involve sniffing her personals?
    Norville: of course
                           Mom: well that was a taste of Tortitude. Her way of saying she didn’t like your greeting.
    Norville: they should show some respect. I do a lot around here.
                           Mom: you do?
    Norville: yes. When you release the growling, sucking beast do i not lead the way to safety?
                          Mom: you are the first out of the room.
    Norville: and when you bring home catnip do i not lie on it to protect it from the invading hoards?
                           Mom: true, no one but you can get to it.
    Norville: and the girls show me no respect.
                           Mom: perhaps a can of wet food would make you feel better.
    Norville: hurry up before the girls hear you open the can,  i need to test each bowl for quality.

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