Rescued: Book Release And Crepes Cover Girl

You guys!

Have you heard? I am now a COVER GIRL!


That’s right; I am the official cover girl for the book “Rescued: The Stories of Twelve Cats, Through Their Eyes.” Not only that, but I am also a featured author.

Clearly, it comes as no surprise to any of you that I am a writer (this would be a rather difficult blog to run should I be unable to express myself through prose) and now I am so very proud to say that my words are available through old-fashioned print!

What further makes me proud is that 1/3 of the book’s proceeds go to the authors’ chosen charities, for which I have chosen Tree House Humane Society, because they are the people that saved me.

Furthermore, this is MY MONTH to rock out on sales so that Tree House, should I excel here, can get a bonus donation at year’s end. Therefore, let me insert the obligatory sales copy:

BUY NOW! Don’t delay! Get your copy today! Buy two and get two more for the same price that you paid for the first two! Act now!

Oh, you like samples? Let me offer you a free sample of my story:

You guys! I have been dying to tell someone my complete story, so I’m glad you’re here! Now, I don’t like to boast, but my life has been pretty exciting! From my beginnings as a homeless, hungry and handicapped kitten to an award winning blogger and movie star whose roles have tested her ethical integrity, my young life has been awash in adventure and drama. And it all started, as it does for most everyone, on the day I was born. Come, dear reader, and wax nostalgic with me for a little while as we delve into the details that make up the life of Crepes (that’s me).
The beginning months of my life are, like my butt, a little fuzzy. I was born on a summer day amidst a multitude of junk and sawdust. I never knew my father, although I’m pretty sure he was also my uncle, and possibly my cousin. Had he stuck around, that sure would have made Christmas gift-giving pretty awkward.

Interested in my life? Excellent! Then get over to Amazon and buy the book! Help fund rescues across the nation and read some rousing stories of cats who found their forever homes.  This project has been a long time coming and we are so proud of everyone involved!



PS. There is also one day to help found our Pubslush campaign, meaning if you donate now, you get extra perks!

crepes sale



  • Concats Crepes. I will be sure to buy several copies. You’re lucky you got the first month cos everybuddy will be buying it hot off the presses.

  • Happy Valentines Day presents! Who needs chocolate when I can give books with Crepes story in them. Thanks for your story Crepes.
    P.S. I bought two copies.

  • A perfect Valentine’s gift – I ordered 3! But I don’t understand why MomFOD is listed as author on Amazon – all she did was take dictation and transcribe! :0) xox

  • You tell em’ Crepes. I am very happy for you, my friend. One third of proceeds go to your chosen humane society. I am truly delighted. Congratulations. You are sure a star of most medias. You haven’t done radio yet….but they can’t see your beautiful face.


  • My human was wondering why she logged into the FitCat Amazon account today and Rescued’s sales had jumped! Paws (and stump) up! Your human took some gorgeous photos of you, making you look as glamorous as you really are, so how could you NOT wind up on the book’s cover! Thanks to you (and designer Glogirly), the cover has been getting LOADS of compliments.

  • stock…how kewl iz thiz !! way awesum…we hope de book sellz 90 bazillion copeez for yur shelter N all de other shelterz az well…we will go sneek over ta amazon rite now coz we noe how ta shop online with ore without de food serviss gurl !! ♥♥♥

  • Oh, Crepes, we are SO excited about your new book (you’re a Covergirl!!!) and SO very proud of you! You are continual proof of the wonderful amazing things that can happen when you give a rescue cat a place in your home and your heart ❤️ (and having such talented FODs doesn’t hurt either). Devon says you’ve done your fellow tabbies proud, again!

  • I just ordered your book. I also previously donated to the Pubslush campaign. I hope you and the other 11 kitties make lots of money for your charities.

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