PetBox: A Review by Tree House Cats & Coupon

You guys!

PetBox contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review another box. I thought about it and said, you know what? I’ll accept that box and then let MomFOD take it to a rescue of her choosing and let the kitties there review it! And so, please enjoy this review of my January PetBox by the first floor cats of Tree House Humane Society.

What is a PetBox: It is a customized (or surprise – your choice) box of goodies delivered to your house once a month based on the type of pet you have (cat and/or dog) and what his/her likes are. PetBox also promises to only stock the healthiest, best products.

How much does it cost? The boxes come in several sizes and you can order month by month, in three-month blocks, or annually, with discounts for the longer commitments, making the lowest price point $7.95 a month. All choices come with free shipping.

Whitman, a sassy tabby with the heart of a prankster and a touch of incontinence, is the first to check out the box.
Whitman, a sassy tabby with the heart of a prankster and a touch of incontinence, is the first to check out the box.

Up first, we have Whitman. He pees on things, but he doesn’t know he’s doing it, so it’s not really a point against him. He took a look at the box first. Items included:

  • An organic grow your own cat grass kit
  • Grain-free dental treats
  • A fish on a string
  • A mouse on wheels
  • A catnip, refillable sea monster
  • Two catnip compressed mice

Whitman’s first choice: The mice. Let’s see how he liked them:


But then, little Chirpy moved in and tried to use the mouse as a hat:

"How do I look?"
“How do I look?”

I think she looks lovely. Also, she’s looking for a home, preferably a nice, quiet one with lots of catnip mice.

But then, things got serious:

The catnip takes shows its effects.
The catnip shows its effects.

The Chirpster went bananas for this fish. But then, things really went off the handle:


Cats were coming in from all angles, including Max and Jax, the cerebellar hyperplasia kitties I wrote about a few weeks ago. They were teetering and tottering all over that box!

In the end, the kitties decided to keep the dental treats, mouse toy, fish on a string, and the catnip mouse. MomFOD returned home with the grow your own kit. But do you know what they loved best of all?

max in petbox
Max enjoys the box while Jax pouts in the back.

The box.

The Verdict: Box (and contents) enjoyed! The quality of the products was quite nice. All items were grain-free and/or organic and I would have no problem using these items in our own home. If you’re going to buy things for your cats anyway, and especially if you have a multi-cat (or dog) house, having a surprise box delivered to your door is a fun way to treat your pets.

We hope you enjoyed watching these kitties have fun with their PetBox! We were happy to be able to bring them a bit of joy and some new toys and tasty snacks, thanks to our friends at PetBox!

Highlight: PetBox donates a meal to a homeless pet each time a box is sold. Hurray! The #PetBoxFridays program allows PetBox’s social media community to nominate shelters and rescues to receive that week’s shipment of food and supplies.  So get to nominating!

Crepes Coupon: My readers here are privy to a coupon! If you want to try a PetBox, use the code “CATINTHEFRIDGE” to get 20% off. Apparently, this gives me a little affiliate bonus.




**Disclosure: We were given a free PetBox to try out as compensation for this post as well as a small fee to cover time and expenses to travel to the rescue. We do also receive an affiliate commission if you purchase a box using our coupon code.  Rest assured, we wouldn’t show you a product we thought was nonsense. All ideas and opinions are our own.**


  • What a great idea to share your PetBox. We have one here to review. Mom has not opened it for us yet. Maybe this will remind her. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Aw, we’re glad that the kitties at Tree House got to sample and check out the PetBox, looks real cool!

  • stock…way awesum oh ewe N de crew ta take de petbox ta tree houz !

    high paws N headbonx….. ♥♥♥

    inn deed it looks like de goodz, N de box getted 984 paws UP !!!

    N tell mom fod ta get ta growin that grazz……sew ewe can have it by groundhogs day…N sell a brate de arrival oh spring with de dood phil hiz self 🙂

  • We agree with Truffles. Best ever! And we love us some CH boyz. Ours at our shelter just found homes all the way out in … surf-land, Sunny Calif!! Woot!!
    Hey….and….*happy dance*happydance* YOU WON! YOU WON! We’re soooo excited for you!!!! #Catdance

  • we didn’t know they gave back to rescues. 🙂 YAY!! we admit, those catnip mouses sound interesting…we had a compressed ball at one point and it was pretty danged potent. Plus- boxes 🙂

  • I love that you took the box to the shelter to let the kitties review! I am not at all surprised that they loved the box as much as what came in it 🙂

  • So we sent our HuMom to check out the PetBox site and she was unable to log in through your blog or through safari. She’ll have to try later on the PC. Maybe it’s the iPad that was the issue? We don’t expect any action on your part Crepes, or on the part of the FODs. We just wanted to give you a heads up in case other readers have the same issue.

    • Hi there!

      We apologize that you couldn’t get onto to see all of the goodies you can pack for your kitties! Using your iPad may have been the issue, sometimes our website does not work as well with tablets, so try getting on our site with your computer.

      We hope you were able to see PetBox and know that you can email if you continue to have any other issues 🙂

      Have a great day!

      Meows & Woofs,
      PetBox Team

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