The Crepes Case: The DeLorean Incident

You guys!  Today, I have for you no ordinary case. This is a case of drama, a case of danger, a case of Legos. Actually, it was a box of legos. DadFOD built it into a DeLorean but then, on January 1, 2015, the very day we entered the year of Back to the Future Part II, this happened:

The scene of the crash. Exhibit 1: the flipped DeLorean.

Was it a sign? I leapt into action and got my hat. This was about to become


There we go.
It’s business time.

Picture it: Sicily, 1947. Marty McFly was there, on the shores at the toe of the boot when suddenly, his DeLorean started hurtling toward the future, towards 2015, and he couldn’t stop it.

"Oh, Sh&t." - Marty McFly.
“Oh, Sh*t.” – Marty McFly.

In a flash of light, Marty appeared on top of the fridge in the little apartment in Chicago. No sooner had he landed in his time machine when, seemingly from nowhere, a beast from amongst the local fauna arrived and batted his time machine down to the floor!

The shocked DadFOD.
The shocked DadFOD, unwilling victim of a heinous crime.

Pieces scattered everywhere. I laid out the grid and exhibit notes and got to work.

Snuffing for clues.
Snuffing for clues. I located a bolt from the flux capacitor. It was so small, I almost inhaled it. 

THE SUSPECTS: Based on the trajectory of the fall and the location of the car, I narrowed down my suspects list. Doodle wasn’t home, so she was off the list. It fell from the top of the fridge, which nixed me since I can’t get up that high. Niles isn’t interested in Legos, which left me three suspects.

Louie, aka "The Loser."
Louie, aka “The Lou-ser.”
Sprinkle, a known jumper with a taste for smashing stuff.
Sprinkle, a known jumper with a taste for smashing stuff.
Peabody, the cat with a penchant for heights.
Peabody, the cat with a penchant for heights.

I knocked Louie off the list. He’s got the vertical skills of a skunk stuck in super glue.

And then, suddenly, it came to me. Suspects always return to the scene of the crime! I reviewed my evidence, and I found this:


The Verdict: SPRINKLE! Also, I’m pretty sure Peabody was an accomplice. I have no particular evidence for that, but I’d love to see her get in trouble. Anyway, I have reported my findings to the authorities.




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  • Faraday: Sprinkle, seriouslies. Innocent til PROVEN. And is the any DNA evidence? I THINK NOT. STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!

  • We knew it had to be Sprinkle. She has a really shifty look on her face in that photo. Good job in solving the case, Crepes. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • So many mysteries needing to be solved! We could definitely use your help solving our Bread Heist Mystery… so far no one has solved it. You’re hired, Crepes!!!

  • Crepes you are such a great detective, awesome solve! Great video! Cloonski is stranded at O’Hare..can MomFOD bring him some perogies? Merry Ukrainian Christmas to MomFOD!

    • Merry ukrainian christmas to you, too! Oh no! Cloonski is at O’Hare? Oh dear. Maybe we’re obligated to bring borsch for christmas. How long will he be there? – Crepes.

  • Oh yeah, I’m sure Peabody had a paw in this somehow. Just judging from living with a tortie!

  • stock…even tho non suspect louie iz in yur new videe oh…. N knot ewe, itz a grate one…hiz face bee price less when heez…in de box !!! N frank lee…ya never noe, mizzuz peabody mite a changed her name frum mizzuz peacock { thanx bee ta cod,… burdz } N her knocked de de lorean… off de fridge…., in de kitshun …… witha steak knives….IT FITZ…. ♥

  • Great detective work. Can I hire you to figure out who just poopped on the bed?

  • That was great. Amazingly, I am also be held hostage by four, furry, fluffy, felines but they are well passed the kitten stage and have moved on to criminal cuddlers. Their weapons include kneading, head bonks, cheek rubbing all accompanied by purring. Their preferred hangouts are the tops of bookcases, the top of freezers, the backs of comfy chairs and any cardboard container. They also can often can be found near snuggly blankets, especially when said blanket covers a hostage. This band of fur covered felons will keep their hostage immobile by snuggling as close as possible, taking possession of the hostages lap and worse of all, by curling up on the hostages chest and snuggling their furry little heads against the neck of said hostage, all the purring loudly near their captives ear. At this time this gang of soft home invaders have banned any new members and are in control of the hostages residence. Their demands are top shelf cat food, wand toys with feathers at the end, laser weapons and treats, including freeze dried shrimp and chicken…white meat only. This menace also demands cat nip be delivered on-site, both fresh and dried varieties. The hostages have requested access to a computer and delivery of a moo goo guy pan, a request which their captives seem inclined to grant as long as an order of shrimp chow mien is also included. Now, these kidnappers feel that it is napping time, although they’d argue the designation of “kid”. There will be no further communication until they wake up or their demands are met.

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