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As you guys know, we have a web series. You may have noticed that we use a lot of costumes. Many of them are made by MomFOD, but we got a chance to review a few Halloween costumes and, to my dismay, she said yes. YES. And so…. here are the costumes she chose, as seen on a crew of reluctant models.

First up, we have me, wearing the Animal Planet Tyrannosaurus Rex costume.

I am a reluctant dinosaur.
I am a reluctant dinosaur.

It was a little big for me but would fit a larger cat. The shiny bits are nice.

Next, we have Mrs. Peabody strutting her stuff in the cop outfit.


Sexy cop.
Sexy cop.

It came complete with its own handcuffs, hat, and tiny cell phone. The closures were nice and it was well made.

And, finally, we have Louie Sorbet modelling the golf outfit.

An old man already.
An old man already.

This one came with a suit and tie, a little tassled hat, and small plaid pants. The pants don’t work well on cats but I think Louie will grow into this one nicely. It goes on easily and seems reasonably comfortable.

Keep in mind, these are all dog costumes modified to fit us. Why did she do it? I cannot say, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it. You can pick up these costumes at



Creepes (my Halloween name.)

PS. Have you seen our latest Halloween episode? CHECK IT OUT!  And hey… if you like it, would you share it? We’d really appreciate that. I stepped in to fill Rocky’s shoes on this last zombie piece. I hope I did him proud.


**FCC Disclosure: Costumes were received from as compensation for this post. All opinions are our own.**


  • Two paws way, way up! You guys look GREAT in costume!! I always enjoy when the website goes Halloween, too 🙂
    And Crepes, you’ve done Rocky proud.

  • MOL well I think everyone looks great! I don’t think I can pick a favorite… we got some costumes from Entirely Pets too. I tried to pick out some things that weren’t too humiliating for the dog… except for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit.

  • Yous all look sooooo……cute in yous costumes. They do look well made. Weez not weally halloween or zombie peeps, so weez will shawe a diffewent of yous movies, okay?. Cuz weez do luv what yous do.

    Luv ya’


  • Crepes, How about turning the tables on the humans for Halloween? Maybe you could dress them up in costumes a cat would find appropriate/amusing ? Just a thought.
    P.S. My all time favorite dog costume was a chocolate lab dressed as a Hershey bar.

  • stock….rocky IZ proud….never forgets it…yur new scaree mewvie iz rockin…we canna say that for sure tho… on de coztoomz…course round her we ree fuze ta wear pantz…let a lone other stuff ♥ tho louis ya DUE look good in yur hat dood ~~ 🙂

  • You guys are amazing….wearing all those outfits….you’d have to catch me first. Crepes, the video was great. Mom and I laughed. The acting was pretty damned good too.

    (((Shoko and Jean)))

  • Great job on the video- you always come up with such funny ideas. Love the costumes too! What a cooperative kitty.

  • We know full well why she did it, and I for one can’t object. Louie Sorbet looks freakingly adorable!!

  • Loved the video……..!!!! Rocky will be proud of you for sure Crepes……say – did the thumb taste good?????

    Hugs, Sammy

  • Those costumes do not look like fun to me! I think I would rather be a fairy princess or something. Or maybe a dominatrix. (Hey, I am a rowdy teenager kitten, you know!)

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