Tree House Black Cat Ball (and Zombies)

You guys!

So sorry we weren’t here yesterday. Mrs. P. got sick and MomFOD had to spend a lot of time making sure she was ok. We’re still awaiting some test results, so we’ll let you know how she’s doing.

So, as usual, I got left at home while the FODs went gallivanting around, this time to the Tree House Black Cat Ball. It was at the Adler Planetarium and seemed like quite a fun event. Too bad I wasn’t invited. I did, however, use my spy device on their phone to grab some snap shots of what was going on. Let’s take a look at the evidence:

The scene.
The scene.

This is where it went down. I believe that’s the city of Chicago, though since they’ve never bothered to take me out to see the miracle that is our skyline, I can’t say for sure.

black cat ballThis is the Planetarium. You can see the festive planets strung merrily from the ceiling. I have placed black blobs over any possibly recognizable faces to maintain their anonymity in case they also have cats they left at home who might seek revenge.

photo 5(1)This here is Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald. You may have seen him on the Animal Planet show Emergency Vets. This is the only place I’ve seen him since I wasn’t allowed to attend, but I digress. The FODs said he was incredibly nice. He did some stand up comedy and spent some time talking to them, it seems, as evidenced by the next photo.

photo 2(2)There they all are together. My research tells me that Dr. Fitzgerald has ventured off to many far away places, including Antarctica, in order to research penguins and other species. It wouldn’t surprise me if the FODs took off with him next time and left me at home. I heard People Magazine named him one of the most eligible bachelors of the year a few years ago. Maybe I’ll run off with him and show them! I’ve heard he likes cats.

Anyway, here’s what I learned: Tree House is building a whole new facility! They are having a fundraising campaign to get it off on the right foot. It sounds pretty amazing. I’ll write more about it in another post, but if you’re dying to find out, you can get more info here.

That’s all for now.



PS. I almost forgot the zombies! Have you seen the new video? You see, it was Rocky’s last and is kind of special to us. If you’d give it a watch and a share, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you so much.


  • Next time, they should DEFINITELY take you to the ball, Crepes! Either that, or let us know, and we will come help trash your house to surprise your humans when they get home, MOL.

  • Oh we loved the zombie video……it was lovely to see Rocky……bless his Angel heart! Looks like a fun time was had with Dr. Kevin and company at the Ball too!

    Hugs, Sammy

  • Loved the video. We miss Rocky’s sweet face, too. The Tree House Black Cat Ball looks like it was a pawsome time for the FODs. Sending purrs and prayers for Mrs. P.

  • What a fun event. The mom says one of these days she’s gonna attend a Tree House event. She really wants to go to the Lights of Love one in December.

    Great video! And we’re purring for Mrs. P and hope she’s feeling better.

  • stock….great cover post for what really went down at yur place while de fodz wuz out n a bout….18 centz anda sack o friez says they did KNOT have az much fun az we all did; last head count ther bee 83,099 kittehz at yur place til de copz showed up….

    st francis blessings two mrs P….we hope all iz well with her N her maybe her just had a knot sew good day


  • It seems like a lot of rescues have events going on in October and November – there have been two this month and one next month that my human is attending!

    Loved the new Zombie video!

  • First, the new video is one of the best yet. How wonderful to see sweet Rocky again. The Black Cat Tree House Ball looks like it was SO much fun…I wish fun cat-related events like that happened around here. And we sure hope everything is ok with Mrs P! {{{hugs}}}

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