Exile: Day 21

I’m still here. Now I’ve found this:

Me with the strange “Radio Shack” device. Why not Radio House? Or Radio Mansion? Underachievers, I’m guessing.

It seems to be some sort of strange device with which I might contact aliens or perform drain cleaning. It also has a knob on the front, and yet I can’t seem to change the station. It’s just stuck on this picture of MomFOD from like 2001. Perhaps it’s a broken digital picture frame? Or a portal into the past? I’m willing to believe anything, at this point. This place remains impervious to logical thought.

I have only one haiku for you today:

Home Home Home Home Home.

Home Home Home Home Home Home Home.

Home Home Home Home. Please.

.I sure hope I don’t get home and find out that they’ve replaced us with newer model kittens. Hah. Doubtful. Right?



PS. Check out MomFOD discussing living with me, a TRIPAWD, on this neat podcast from Tripawds! They’re a really cool community for people living with three-legged animals, like moi. You can visit them here. I give them a big STUMPS UP! Enjoy!


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