Bachelor of the Week: Philbert!

World, meet Philbert. Take a good look at him. Notice anything? No? Good. Because if he took a good look at you, he probably wouldn’t notice anything, either.

Seize the Day!!!
Seize the Day!!!

Dear little Philbert is visually impaired. And yet, this little four year old has such a zest for life.

Philbert likes to cook, particularly with lemons, limes, and anything zesty. He also likes nuts, namely filberts. Actually, he can’t eat any of that, but he doesn’t mind, because if you liked it, he would cook it for you. Philbert would dance, sing, cuddle, tip toe, you name it, he would do it, because he’s that kind of guy.

Philbert made his presence known at the animal control facility by singing, pawing, and dancing in his cage when Save A Pet went in there to make a few rescues. Alas, they fell in love with his piquant personality and brought him back to their shelter where he now awaits a new home. MomFOD met him, in fact. She didn’t even know he was visually impaired as he went bolting for the door trying to seize life by the filberts!

Seriously, guys? I still don't have a home?
“Seriously, guys? I still don’t have a home?” – Philbert.
Kiss me. I will accept your love.
This is Philbert’s temporary love. Don’t worry; she won’t get in the way if you adopt him.
Philbert, waiting patiently. Until you open the door.
Philbert waiting patiently. Until you open the door.


Will you adopt Philbert? Will you be his one and only? Or make him part of your team? He’s ready!

Carpe that diem and adopt today!




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