Bachelorette of the Week: Rose!

You Guys!

This particular variety of Rose signifies love, friendship, AND happiness all rolled into one.
This particular variety of Rose signifies love, friendship, AND happiness all rolled into one.

I think we’re all ready for a little spring time, and so I bring you 11-month old Rose, a beautiful kitten who’s ready to enhance the life of a special person who doesn’t mind a little pee on his or her lap. You see, Rose was hit by a car when she was very small. And yet, as Roses do after being pruned, she bloomed into a lovely blossom. She has no problems walking, and, like all of the best flowers, she has a slight odor of je n’ai ce pas. Something floral perhaps, with a touch of ammonia.

Although Rose has no problems getting around, she does have trouble controlling her bladder. She is wonderful, she is sweet, she is beautiful, she is incontinent, kind, thoughtful, and great, and she loves to talk and hug. You see? When I say it like that, it’s but a trifle, a pittance, really. Hardly more than a word.

Do you want to meet Rose? Do you want to see her beautiful face first thing each morning? Do you want to express your love and her bladder at least twice a day? Then contact Tabby’s Place where Rose awaits.

And of course, if Rose has touched her heart but you don’t want her touching your furniture, please consider sponsoring her so she may continue to bloom happily.



"Bet you can't guess what I just did..." - Rose.
“Bet you can’t guess what I just did…” – Rose
Rose 1
“Do you smell that? It’s me.” – Rose

Photos kindly provided by Tabby’s Place. Read more about Rose here.



  • I have one question to potential adopters..”would you accept this Rose?” (sorry we just got done wacthing the bachelor) I say “who wouldn’t?” She is beautiful, a trooper and Rose I send YOU a friendship rose..I hope you accept!! Luv, Pixie xxooxx

  • Rose is quite a beauty! Poor little thing getting hit by a car – she’s lucky to have escaped with a bit of damage to her bladder instead of way worse…..I should think someone can overlook her “potty issue” – she’s just adorable!! Hope she gets her forever home ASAP!

    Hugs, sammy

  • A Rose by any other name will never be as pretty and sweet as this little ladycat. She deserves the best and I am so happy she is at Tabby’s Place until she finds her forever home.

  • What a sweet and beautiful kitty Rose is! Sending big purrs her way for the right and perfect forever home to come forward for her.

  • Rose is the most beautiful, loving, sweet angel baby. She LOVES people and LOVES other kitties too. Remember darling DOT from Tabby’s? Rose would benefit from those special and adorable diapers that DOT used to wear. Since she came to Tabby’s, she’s made a world of difference in NIMBUS’s life, who needed some special love after his dear buddy, HAWKEYE, went to kitty heaven. If you can work with her special need, she will love you always and forever.

  • You are meowvelous Rose! Just what is needed to bring spring.
    Hi Crepes and Pawrents
    Stop by my blog for a goodie

  • best fishes two ewe Rose on findin yur for evers…..N let de furst one oh uz that doez knot haza fault… come forth……dinna see any one huh….we hope yur for evers home iz rite round de korner N yur sell a bratin de eatin oh de green…grazz at yur new place by St Paddy’s day !!XXX

  • Hi Crepes! You’re always so wonderful to our Tabby’s Place kitties!! THANK YOU!!!!! Rose is a real sweetheart everybody…. you’ll instantly fall in love with her. While we’ll all miss her terribly when she’s lucky enough to find her furrever home that’s exactly what we all wish for her!!! You always have such good luck with your Bachelor and Bachelorette posts, keeping our fingers and paws crossed <3

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