Our New Project!

You guys! I’ve been away for awhile taking a little blogging vacation, but I have good reason. I’ve been doing two things: 1) Working on my story for the FitCat book, and 2) working on a great new project and you guys are the first to get to know about it.

Now, without releasing too many details, there are going to be a web series of short films that promote adoption and animal welfare through of use of comedy produced by my FODs and some of their very talented friends. And I might get to star in a few of them!

More details will be coming soon, like in the next week, but in the meantime, I leave you with this screenshot to pique your interest:

Coming soon....
Coming soon….


Does anyone recognize that dude? I realize you can’t see his face, but any guesses?

We want to use our videos to help some good causes, and we hope we can count on you all to get the word out!

More Soon!





  • It’s Kris, from the movie “Catalogue!” He’ll be reappearing in this film. Stay tuned! – Crepes.

  • crepes. we bee on veree limited bloggin two day. sendin frum a cell and gotta watch de fone batt tree. we will say this bee dad fod. and manee conga ratz two mom fod on yur new project. sa wheat !!! hope everee one iz safe and inn side. noe one heere is a loud out.get a tickit big time yur catched drivin. later.

  • Mew were meant to star in pictures Crepes! I advise mew to renegotiate mewz contract with the FODs as mew have become a HUGE star since filming ‘Cat in the Fridge’, and mewz pay/treat scale deserves to increase exponentially versus what it was at the time it was filmed when mew were an unknown. Now mew are a star and deserve to be paid/treated/served/worshiped as such. Just sayin’…

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