Tuesday Haikusday: Zombies

Today’s haiku are, once again, inspired by Halloween. Please enjoy. Eh hem…..

Meditating in my garden under the moonlight with bats and zombies.
Meditating in my garden under the moonlight with bats and zombies.


Zombie, you are dead.

I guess you don’t pay taxes.

That must be real nice.


Sliding. Across floors

you drag yourself. Salvation.

Who cut off your legs?


Yellow, red, green, gray.

The colors of your face shine

Like dew on a tomb.

Do you have any zombie-related haiku? Share with me!

Also, some announcements: This week, we have some amazing new photos to share with you by photographer John Boehm.He graciously donated his time to help with the Adoption Champion project and has provided me with some brilliant photos of kitties! This week, I release some photos of, you guessed it, black cats! You won’t believe how lovely they came out.

And don’t forget to post and tweet your photos and thoughts of black cats with #magicats ! We have the power to change them in the US from unlucky to brilliant and magical, so let’s get to work!




  • That final Haiku was really creepy. We adore black cats at our house. Two of our previous cats were black. Mom wants another very badly, but our dad says that there is no room at the inn. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Lisbeth Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid and Calista Jo

  • werk place iz zombeez
    we iz just now gettin heer
    heer comez one rite now

    eeeega go a way
    ya stink like crap two ya noe
    oh sorree ther bozz

    we dinna see ewe
    yea rite ha ha zombee azz
    he iz leevin now

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