Tuesday Haikusday: Italy Recap & Happy Tails Winner!

You Guys! I’m back from Italy and I have A LOT to talk about! Today, I’ll do a quick recap via haiku with some photos. Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be doing some posts about things I saw out there. For now, poetry with inspirational photos:

Italian Geese

Italian geese are

Obviously dangerous.

They require cages.


italian cats
Italian cats travel in style

Two cats, one chauffer.

Small, wooden, orange Vespa.

Gatti ride in style.


Me on a cactus
Me on a cactus

Strange bizarre plant life,

You make my toesies tickle.

Cactus amore.

And, congratulations to Patty Fox, the winner of Happy Tails: Lost Souls, Vol. II! Patty, please contact me with your shipping details so I can send out your prize. Thank you so much for being patient in finding out the winner!

Also, Pretty Girl from last week’s Adoption Champion photo shoot was adopted! Congrats to Pretty Girl and thank you all so much for your sharing! More Adoption Champ photos later this week.




  • nice two see ewe bak
    knot sew much sew stoooooooooooooooooooopid geeze
    hope ewe had fun crepes

    kittehs in a wagon
    on ther way ta get sum chow
    hurree up driver

    partee time iz over
    everee one outta crepes houz
    de fodz haz come bak

    dawg busted de lamp
    dawg did all stuff ewe see bad
    due knot blame de catz


  • Geez, Crepes, my human was not happy about the toilet paper. That was a lot of fun to see! Thanks for coming to Milou’s party and for your wishes for his birthday.
    I’m eager to see your Italy pictures!

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