Tuesday Haikusday & SuperGravy Giveaway Winner

I’m so excited to announce that Amita N. from Illinois is the proud recipient of our SuperGravy Giveaway from Clear Conscience Pet. Amita, you’ll get an email directly notifying you of the details.

Meditating in the garden, writing my poetry.
Meditating in the garden, writing my poetry.

And now, on to the zen. Today, I wax poetic about storms, because we’ve had so many of them lately.  Eh hem….

Stormy hot weather

Makes my fur taste too sticky

Can we have some sun?


The air is too moist

The piano is un-tuned.

MomFOD sits, weeping.


Lightning, thunder. I’m

Safe here inside the couch. Make

a hole and join me.

Stay dry, everyone!





  • Pawsome Haiku @Tabbies of Trout Town! Mew are right- eggs will be ruined with birdie poop on them! Birdies are nommolicious but poop gives mew the pukes. MOL!

    As usual Crepes, mew amaze me with mewz talent and keen observation. Btw- as a fellow royal ladycat with special needs, my Mom/slave found mewz post on goat’s milk interesting and helpful. I have many health issues, one being asthma. Guess who’s the latest goat’s milk connassiuer?! That’s right: ME! Thanks to mew I now get a small amount every night before bed! Thank mew my fellow Queen!!

    • Oh great! is it working? Are you using the raw frozen or the dehydrated that we reviewed? The raw frozen one is the one that best helped me with my respiratories, although the dehydrated is easier to keep around the house. – Crepes.

  • conga ratz two ewe amita on winnin de supergravy !!
    haiku time crepes:

    it bee hotter N hill
    fry sum eggz on de sidewalk
    noe dont..burds poop ther

  • So excited to try out the SuperGravy on my fur babies! Thanks so much Crepes and thank your mom for me too! =^..^=

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