Bachelor of the Week: Levi!

Stand back, Lovesearchers, because this week’s bachelor will knock your socks off with his mature ways and social graces. World, meet LEVI!

Levi/Tabby's Place
Oh! He’s like James Bond in that black and white.

Levi was found wandering about the streets of New Jersey, unable to see or hear, navigating his way through the streets with experience only. Levi is likely over 15 years old and is blind and deaf. He arrived at a clinic as a stray cat and was immediately scheduled to be euthanized.

But wait! Due to the generous donation from Paws and Claws Society, Inc. an organization that helps promote animal welfare through various services, funding, and foster and volunteer programs, Tabby’s Place (a no-kill cat sanctuary) was granted $15,000 to care for one very special kitty. And guess who that kitty is? It’s true! It’s Levi! They picked him, so why shouldn’t you? 😉

Since being the recipient of the amazing Circle of Compassion for Animals , Levi has spent his time at Tabby’s Place snuggling everyone within his reach. This dear little fellow, although he can’t see or hear, can sense the love around him and seeks it out with his special “love radar.” Levi does have early renal deficiency, so will require extra care, but he’ll pay it all back with adoration, the special kind of mature adoration that only a man of his age could give.

Will you give Levi a home? Do you know someone who can? Help this fellow find the castle he’s always deserved!

Is that a pillow? I'll snuggle it.
Is that a pillow? I’ll snuggle it.
Is that a hand? I'll snuggle it, too.
Is that a hand? I’ll snuggle it, too.
tabby's place
“Snuggled, not stirred.”


  • Thank you so much for your kind note today about Lucy. It means a lot.

    I hope Levi gets a home, a wonderful forever and ever home very soon.

  • Levi is just gorgeous & he really deserves a home! However, Tabby’s Place is such a wonderful shelter he will be loved so much if he stays there. I’ve been following their FB page for some time & they have wonderful kitties & awesome volunteers! 🙂

  • Oh he is a handsome dood! We our purring that Levi finds a loving home. xoxoxo

  • As a Tabby’s Place volunteer I can tell you…. Levi is a SWEETHEART like you’ve never met before! He doesn’t seem the slightest bit hindered by his lack of sight or hearing. He absolutely loves to be cuddled and will head butt and purr while in your arms. If anyone has room in their life for a wonderful senior kitty – it’s definitely Levi!

    Cody-Cat Chat, thanks for tweeting to your followers!! On behalf of Tabby’s Place I’m going to tweet this to our followers too!

    Lyn Rodrigo

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